What’s the Best Way to Find a Babysitter at Short Notice?

Despite trying to organise a night out with friends for months, you’ve only got the details at the last minute. Your partner’s boss has decided you all need a team-bonding meal and there’s no excuse. Your sister has let your down, and the Godparents are nowhere to be seen. The rules over the diary failed and neither of you can make changes. You’ve reached snapping point and you’ve got to debate something other than what colour plate a toddler wants. Whatever the reason, if you need a babysitter at late notice you find yourself facing some problems. Or do you? 


It's not a choice - you need to go out

With the million pressures on our time it’s easy to drop the ball that complains the least. That means time with the other half is the first to go when work hours are long, children are intense, and demands on your time are just too much for the hours in the day. However, marriage therapists (and just those who’ve been there, done that) say date nights are essential to healthy relationships . Then add in life, chasing you faster than you can keep up, and the reality is that so often the need for a babysitter is last minute.

Whilst “can’t get a babysitter” might be the default get out clause on a par with “I’m washing my hair” or “I’ve got a headache”, it really shouldn’t be a problem to get a babysitter at the last minute. However, parents can find themselves worrying that having left it until the last minute, they simply won’t find someone suitable and trust worthy.

The Concerns About Last Minute Babysitting

Will they take the mickey and charge me a fortune? Will they be experienced and able to handle my children? Will they care that it’s a school night and there are routines to be followed? Will they be trustworthy? Will they be reliable? Where can I find a babysitter with such little notice?

These are the tumbling cascades of questions likely to go through your mind as you embark upon a panic-stricken flick through every number in your phonebook. And by the very virtue of the fact it’s ‘last minute’ there’s one thing you simply don’t have: time.

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The Solution to Last Minute Babysitting Needs

Whilst you’re unlikely to find a solution to the problem in your phone book, especially a solution that doesn’t come without guilt or favours to repay, there is a solution.

Sitters do the hard work for you, so that when you need a babysitter you only get the option of ones who’ve already been interviewed and reference-checked. You can see who is available at late notice and take your pick whilst having a good old reassuring look at their credentials. They come with the backing of an established agency that’s been trusted by parents for 50 years.

You don’t even need to be registered in advance. And it’s quick. Register for free here.

So put down the phone book, stop squabbling over who should sort it out, forget about letting someone down, and do the sensible thing when it comes to the best way to find a babysitter at short notice: use Sitters.

Short Notice Babysitting You Can Trust

We reckon registering with Sitters will take you around 10 minutes. Really, and you can do it online whilst juggling everything else you’re trying to do. And once it’s done, it’s done. You don’t pay until you actually use the service, so there’s no harm in being prepared, but also there’s nothing holding you back from a babysitter with 2 hours’ notice if you need them.

Get the sitter booked, get the arrangements made, and get back on the rollercoaster of life knowing that you just successfully managed not to drop another ball. Hats off to you!


We believe your little ones deserve the very best care. That's why our local network of babysitters are personally checked and picked by our family for your family www.sitters.co.uk

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