Hiring a babysitter for the first time

It’s a moment mixed with nervous anticipation and excitement: that first venture out, and hiring a babysitter for the first time.

Whilst, pre-baby, a night out was a simple case of grabbing your keys and purse or wallet, now you’ve got to make sure you remember everything. How can you be sure you’ll get it right?

Here are our top tips for hiring a babysitter for the first time, to ensure everything goes smoothly, and you feel you’ve made another parenting ‘win’.

1. Be Prepared – Be Reassured

We cannot stress this point enough. If you put in the thought to who you hire as a babysitter, leaving your little one for the first time will be a great deal easier.

Knowing that you’re choosing an experienced babysitter who has been vetted and reference checked will ensure you get a reliable sitter who turns up on time, handles any hiccups along the way, and leaves you feeling reassured.

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2. Choose the Occasion, Don't Let the Occasion Choose You

In order to have a positive first outing without baby in tow, choose a time where you are in control, and can perhaps just go somewhere local for a few hours, rather than a long evening conference where you’re going to find it hard to escape.

We recommend doing this so that you can ensure it’s good timing for your child, with no colds, or teething issues, and hopefully therefore pave the way for many more evenings out in the future.

Furthermore, when you’re hiring a babysitter for the first time, we recommend you spend half an hour with the babysitter and your child before you leave, making the transition as smooth as possible.


3. Know About Payment and Be Clear

Knowing how much to pay a babysitter can be a little bewildering. We give clear information on what the going rate is for your chosen time, and so you can be clear with your chosen babysitter accordingly.

We recommend a minimum booking of 3 hours, and you can pay to the quarter hour, rounding up.

Hiring a babysitter - Know about payment

4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

In our experience, the problems that arise with babysitting usually occur because of a lack of communication somewhere along the line.

Make sure you are clear about routines and expectations. Make sure you’ve pointed out favourite objects, cups, or toys. Make sure you’ve shown the babysitter how to use the phone, the TV and how your child likes their nightlight.

Whilst the beauty of an experienced babysitter is that they can easily circumnavigate little problems, it’d be easier for you and your child if these can be minimised. This also extends to making sure you leave clear and concise contact details, should the babysitter need to contact you whilst you’re out.

Hiring a babysitter - Communicate

5. Communicate Some More

Don’t stop there. It also helps to communicate clearly on when you expect to be back. Whilst this isn’t always an exact science, it’s best to give some indication, and to get in touch if you think you’ll be later than expected.

If a late return is going to put your babysitter in a difficult position with public transport then it’s worth thinking how you can help - whether paying for a taxi, or offering to drive them home.

Hiring a babysitter - Communicate some more

6. The Tears Won’t Be the Children's

Even if your little one is doing a mighty fine job of reacting as if Paw Patrol will never be aired again, don’t panic.

When hiring a babysitter for the first time it’s likely there’ll be a few tears at the goodbye, but your experienced professional sitter will soon have them transformed into smiles. You, however, might have a little wobble – and that’s perfectly normal. Feel reassured that your little one is in good caring hands.

Hiring a babysitter - Say goodbye

Follow these top tips for hiring a babysitter for the first time and you won’t look back. Soon you’ll have a new-parenthood social life, with a perfect balance, knowing that your little one is in safe hands.

We’re proud that many Sitters parents build wonderful ongoing relationships with their favourite Sitters babysitters. This could be you too.



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