Care Inspectorate

Care Inspectorate (Scotland) - Childcare Protection Compliance Statement

In compliance with the Care Inspectorate procedures, Sitters advises both sitters and clients in Scotland that any concerns a sitter may have concerning the health & welfare of a child in their care must be reported to a higher authority, namely the Area Childcare Protection Team, who in turn may also report the concern to the police.

Care Inspectorate (Scotland) -  Protection / Complaints Policy

In accordance with the Care Inspectorate guidelines, we publish the following policy statement for our clients in Scotland.

  • All adults have a responsibility to protect children
  • If a sitter has any child protection concern they have a duty to take written details of their concern outlining the concern and giving as full and clear picture of the child's situation and state of health; this is required to brief the Area Childcare Protection Team and possibly the police.
  • The sitter will also advise the manager at Sitters head office of their concerns so that such concerns may be recorded for future reference.

Parents who live in Scotland and have any child protection concerns about a childcarer introduced to them by Sitters should report it here: [email protected]. Please also report your concerns to Sitters by completing a review about the childcarer via the My Childcarers page on your online account.

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