Booking your first babysitter

You can book Sitters childcare online in seconds - and we'll provide experienced childcare professionals to your door, whether you're at home or away, across the UK.

1. Enter your booking postcode

To register and make a booking, enter the booking postcode (where you need childcare):  

2. Book online in seconds

When you register, you can make bookings 24/7 via your secure online account. Just select the date, time and address where you need a babysitter and we'll get straight to work offering your booking to approved Sitters childcarers. 

3. We'll keep you updated by email

We'll email you as soon as we've filled your booking to let you know who your childcarer is, together with some background details about their childcare experience. We usually fill bookings within a few hours - but if it's taking longer than expected, we'll keep you updated by email along the way.

4. Your childcarer will give you a call

Your childcarer will give you a call prior to your booking (to discuss any last minute details such as directions, parking etc).

5. You pay the childcarer at the end of the booking

You will need to pay your childcarer for her time at the end of the booking. Rates for your area are here.  Your childcarer keeps every penny that you pay her.

6. Sitters membership  

You pay nothing until your first booking is complete - guaranteed.  Your Sitters membership will be payable only after your first booking has taken place, and then every 3 months after that. You can cancel at any time. 

Membership costs just over £1 per week. It's a small price to pay to ensure your children are in experienced, capable and caring hands whenever the need arises.