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Get prepared ahead of time by registering your family with Sitters, enabling you to find a babysitter when you need one. You pay nothing until after your first booking has taken place, so getting the babysitting system in place saves you time, gives you peace of mind, and ensures that we’re always ready to help with your sitting needs.

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Babysitter needed!

Don’t panic if you need a babysitter with short notice. If you’re already registered, your next steps will be fast and efficient. If you aren’t yet registered with Sitters, rest assured, our system is straightforward and easy. We can find you a Sitter with as little as 2 hours’ notice.

Find a babysitter – Sitters have it covered

Knowing that you can hire a babysitter who isn’t just available, but is trustworthy and experienced, is invaluable. Knowing that you will be paying appropriate and competitive babysitter rates for your area gives you peace of mind.

Before you even register with us, we provide you with information about how many pre-qualified babysitters we have available in your area. We’ll even tell you whereabouts in your area there are other families, just like yours, using Sitters. This gives you reassurance that we will have the right babysitter for your family. With Sitters you get:

  • Babysitters that are referenced-checked and pre-vetted.
  • Babysitters that have professional childcare experience.
  • Babysitters available at competitive rates.
  • Babysitters available via online booking.
  • Babysitters available in your local area with the support of a nationwide agency.

We don’t stop there: We know how important it is for you to have choice over who you would like caring for your children. That’s why our registration tool allows you to tell us your top 3 babysitters who you believe are the right choice for your family’s babysitting needs - and we'll always contact them first.

Find a babysitter – register today

To get started and Find a Babysitter, all you will need is your postcode (where the booking will take place) and the age of the youngest child for babysitting. We will then shortlist 3 personally checked and interviewed sitters who we believe would suit your family. You’ll see:

  • Their name
  • Their age
  • Their experience, including whether they have children of their own
  • How long they have been registered with Sitters and how many times they have babysat through us
  • Their distance to you
  • Testimonials from other families who have met this sitter

From here, you enter your family details, including the ages of any other children - but remember, there’s nothing to pay until after your first booking has taken place.

If you want to be sure you can always find trustworthy, professional babysitters with competitive babysitter rates, sign up today.

Get started here by telling us where you need childcare:

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