Using a Babysitting Website for the First Time

Using a babysitting website for the first time

Have you ever said no to a much-needed night out because you couldn’t face the headache of finding a babysitter? Or been forced to abandon work because your childcare arrangements fell-through at the last-minute? Babysitting websites can provide a simple, stress-free solution to childcare challenges but understandably, many parents feel nervous about using a babysitting site for the first time.

Beat the babysitting blues

Let’s face it, that ever-present parental guilt can go into overdrive simply at the idea of leaving your child for an evening. Add to that the notion you might actually enlist a babysitter who isn’t a friend or family member as you go gallivanting off into the night, and it can be enough to make you call the whole thing off and opt for a quiet night in front of Netflix instead.

But before you send that cancellation text and reach for the remote, it’s worth looking at just how much peace of mind a good babysitting website actually provides. Reputable sites such as Sitters can offer a huge amount of reassurance about the quality of your babysitter. Much more reassurance, dare we say it, than you’ll probably get asking your mum’s friend’s sister’s teenager to step in and help… 


Peace of mind for parents

You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to do your homework when you’re choosing childcare. But if you’re browsing babysitting websites, take the time to look in detail at the screening process they use. How much childcare experience do those registered need to have, and what are they asked to supply to prove that? Are they interviewed in person? How regularly are they then appraised? And what do previous website users have to say on independent review sites?

All babysitters at Sitters, for example, have at least two years’ professional childcare experience, and go through a three-stage process of information gathering, interview and reference checks before they can be registered. Each babysitter also comes with real reviews from parents, too, so you can read what others have to say before you go ahead.

Mum Karen recalls: ‘I was nervous the first time I used a babysitting website – my son was only three and in honesty, I was uncertain about leaving him with someone I hadn’t met before. But none of my family could help, and I was struggling to find a babysitter near me. A friend had recommended Sitters so I decided to take the plunge – and I’m so glad I did!’

‘Within a few minutes of our babysitter arriving, I knew he was in safe hands. Our sitter was a teacher at a local primary school, and my son took to her straight away. So much so that, when I told him I’d read him a bedtime story before I went out, he asked if the babysitter could do it instead!'

‘She even texted me once he was asleep, and again later in the evening, just to let me know all was ok. It gave me real peace of mind, and allowed me to relax and thoroughly enjoy my long overdue evening out.’

Once you’ve used a babysitter through Sitters, the site also allows you to create a list of preferred childcarers. That means that, wherever possible, your bookings will be offered to those sitters first in future, taking the unknown out of the equation almost entirely. It’s just one of the reasons why the vast majority of Sitters customers use the site again and again, with many parents booking babysitters once or twice a week.


Affordable childcare

For some parents, it can be the potential cost that puts them off using a babysitting site for the first time. However, the amount you spend might actually be much lower than you think. Sitters membership costs just over £1 a week, and hourly fees are set at affordable rates based on typical costs in the area. You might even treat yourself to an extra hour of babysitting and have that post-cinema drink when you do the maths!

Dad Nathan comments: ‘I’d never thought about using a babysitting site before, partly because I’d always imagined they’d be expensive. My partner suggested it when we couldn’t find a sitter for a Valentines night out, and I was genuinely surprised how affordable it was.’

A stress-free process

Where a good babysitting site such as Sitters really comes into its own is just how easy it makes it to find a babysitter near you. Simply register your details, type in the date and time of your booking, then put your feet up and let the site do the hard work for you.

It’s usually a good idea to book well ahead for busy nights such as Saturdays, and over major holidays, but babysitting sites will often find you a sitter at incredibly short notice too. And without you having to ring round everyone you know offering gifts and eternal gratitude in exchange for their help!

That ease and flexibility is one of the biggest benefits for Karen: ‘I used to feel that I was asking a lot of my friends and family when I needed a babysitter – and as a single mum, I couldn’t always repay the favour. Using Sitters just gave me that extra flexibility to go ahead and plan a night out without feeling I had to ask around for help. It provided a sense of independence and freedom that I hadn’t had before.’

Why choose Sitters?

Sitters is the UK’s number one nationwide babysitting website, and we’re proud to be a Platinum Trusted Service Award winner at independent review website Feefo. We offer: 

  • Easy online booking – book online from anywhere in the UK when there’s a babysitter needed, and we’ll do all the hard work to find you an approved, experienced sitter
  • Competitive rates – our transparent pricing system means you’ll know what you’re going to pay, and our rates are low
  • Total peace of mind – all sitters have professional childcare experience, and are reference checked and continually appraised
  • Registration is free – pay nothing until your first booking is complete

We believe your little ones deserve the very best care. That's why our local network of babysitters are personally checked and picked by our family for your family

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