Star Wars Themed Party Ideas

How to create the ultimate Star Wars party

Star Wars parties are back in with the power of the Death Star so we'll take you through every element to ensure your Star Wars party is a direct hit – May the Force be with you!


Engage the Jedi Council

It’s time to decide who’s with you and who’s against you. Draw up your guest list and start recruiting. There are plenty of Star Wars invitations on the market, but if you’re wanting a quick and cheap solution then print these Darth Vader birthday party invitations for your Star Wars party. They’re free and don’t require you bargaining like Han Solo.

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Set the scene 

You may not have a massive budget spend on setting the scene for your young padawan’s party, but there are some easy ways to make your venue look the part. Anything with a star theme will fit – so hanging stars, star balloons and banners - all will fill the space and set the stage.

Start off by bagging yourself some galactic freebies. We particularly love these Yoda and Darth Vader hats.

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We also particularly love these Star Wars ice cream bar toppings labels. They combine Angry Birds and Star Wars with some fabulous treat ideas. Simple yet effective!

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If you’d like to create your own printed decorations then you only need a suitable Star Wars font to really transform your templates into a Star Wars worthy final image. You can download some epic free Star Wars fonts here.

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Alternatively, if you’re pushed for time like Anakin on the pod racing start line, then you can download some ready-made Star Wars party printables from here for a small fee. They have items such as water bottle labels and cupcake toppers that bring in some brighter colours – a little unusual, but welcome at a Star Wars party. The site is American, and as such payment is in dollars, but it’s instant download so very handy.

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Lastly, when it comes to your Star Wars party decoration you can create some striking scene setters with cheap and readily available lantern light shades. Create imposing Tie Fighters or a cheeky BB-8.

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And don’t forget to pop on the Star Wars theme music for instant warp speed into a galaxy far, far away!

Fun & Games – Star Wars Style

First up it’s time to get your young Jedis looking the part. Get them transformed on arrival into their very own Star Wars padawan tunics. These no-sew creations are simple yet effective.
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Pair them together with these impressive foam lightsabers made from pool noodles and duct tape – and no one will get hurt when the lightsaber duels start… as they inevitably will.

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There will certainly be a great deal of spontaneous Star Wars play once your guests are kitted out appropriately, but there are also some galactic games to really make the party memorable.


Get the birthday child in on the action before the party by creating a Death Star piñata. When there’s too much bopping other young padawans on the head with their lightsabers, bring this out and let them fight to the death in true Star Wars style. Anyone who remembers making papier-mâché from their own school days will remember the angst of the balloon popping inside. This Star Wars piñata uses a beach ball and holds its shape impeccably – as genius as Yoda!

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No Star Wars party would be complete without some space-tastic Star Wars party game ideas. Your imagination can run riot here. Here are our favourite Star Wars party games:

1. Use the Force

Hang white balloons from the ceiling using ribbons. If you feel super-creative you can draw on a Stormtrooper face. Then create some static electricity by rubbing the children’s hair or their tunics on the balloons. Then watch the balloons repel. The kids will be amazed and believe they really are showing signs of being a young Jedi.

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2. Storm the Stormtroopers

Once you’ve finished with the above game it’s time to battle those evil Stormtroopers. Add more white balloons to the floor then let the kids loose with two minutes to defeat (pop) them all. If they succeed, they escape, if they don’t – the Stormtroopers won the battle!

3. Nerf Battles

Chances are your young goodies want to fight the baddies of the Empire. Give them safe but effective tools for the job. Use Nerf guns with foam bullets to shoot cans and targets depicting everyone from Darth Vader to Kylo Ren.

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4. Unfreeze Han Solo from Carbonite

If you need to bring a little focus to the gun battles then swap the Nerf guns with water pistols. A few days before the party, freeze a plastic figure of Han Solo in some carbonite-coloured water and get the kids to unfreeze him. Add some salt to the water if you want to speed things up.

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5. Make your way across the Galaxy 

Set up an obstacle course in your garden or venue, akin to the Star Wars obstacle course of the Coruscant Jedi Temple for the Jedi Knights. Use small cones as asteroid fields, a space hopper as the Death Star and perhaps a limbo bar to test the force skills of the party guests.

6. Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda

A Star Wars spin on an old classic. Simply swap the donkey for Yoda and the tail for a lightsaber.

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7. Talk Like Yoda You Will

Write a bunch of Yoda quotes, or silly sentences about the birthday child, fold them up and pop them in a bucket. Children take turns pulling a card from the bucket and reciting their Yoda quote in full Yoda style. Play it well they will. Like it they must.

Refuelling the Jedi Knights

After all those fun and games it’s time for some Star Wars party food. There’s plenty of fun to be had with simple name changes to classic party food such as Han Solo Sandwiches (ham sandwiches), Wookie Cookies and Yoda Soda. However, we are really fired up by these Star Wars party food ideas:

1. Stormtrooper Cupcakes

All you need are some white marshmallows and a pen with edible black ink then you can quickly transform cupcakes into Stormtroopers. Sure to be a hit!

15 Cupcakes

2. Fruit Lightsabers

You can be sure to sneak in some vitamins to keep the young Jedis healthy with these brilliant fruit lightsabers.

16 Fruit Lightsabers

3. Carbonite Jelly

All you need is some lime jelly and clear cups or bowls and suddenly you have carbonite jelly.

17 Carbonite Jelly

4. Death Star Pizza

Be sure to make an impression with some careful toppings to your pizza to create this Star Wars party food centrepiece.

18 Death Star Pizza

5. Hutt Dogs

For a grab and go Star Wars party food make hot dogs into Hutt Dogs.

19 Hutt Dogs

Cake Time!

Of course, no birthday party is complete without a Jedi Council-worthy cake. A quick Google might leave you panicking about how to create the perfect Star Wars birthday cake. However, there are some simple tricks to create impressive Star Wars cakes without needing the force within you.

1. Use Mini Figures

To quickly and easily transform any birthday cake into one with a Star Wars theme, use Star Wars Lego mini figures, or other small Star Wars figures.

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2. BB-8 Birthday Cake

If you can create a round cake and aren’t too bad with moulding icing, then this BB-8 cake is relatively easy to construct.

21 BB 8 Cake

3. Millennium Falcon Cake

If moulding icing terrifies you and you’re worried your attempt at a Star Wars cake will be as ugly as Jabba the Hutt, then use buttercream, a little piping, and some carefully placed sweets to create this impressive Millennium Falcon.

 Image Source:

4. Lightsaber Cupcakes

If the main cake leaves you quaking as if you’re sighted Darth Maul for the first time ever, then don’t panic. You can create an impressive main cake by simply using some coloured cupcakes.

23 Lightsabre Cupcakes

5. Star Wars Photo Cake

Should the cake be causing you real angst, then simply get an icing photo topper of your child’s favourite Star Wars characters. Easy and effective!


Came To My Party You Did.  Thank You I Must

Well done, the force is strong with you. You created a Star Wars party that will be heard about throughout the galaxy. All that’s left is to send your young padawans off to fight their own battles. Star Wars party bags are easy to create by simply using a black cellophane bag and a glowstick.

If you’re stuck on what to put in your Star Wars party bags, what about some edible Ewoks?
If you’d rather give a small gift instead of a Star Wars party bag then what about a Star Wars party favour – these lightsaber bubbles are easy to create from giant bubble wands.

With all of the above hints and tips you’ll have created a Star Wars party that will leave even the Jedi High Council in awe. May the Force be with with you!

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