Should my Babysitter have Insurance?

Every parent knows how important it is to check the credentials of a babysitter. But would you think to also check that your babysitter is insured? And why should that matter?

The simple answer is that – unlikely as they are – accidents can happen. If you’ve ever watched in horror as a pricey ornament hurtles to the floor, or lunged for a tub of poster paint as it cheerfully splatters across a wall, you’ll know that sometimes, costly catastrophes can be unavoidable – no matter how careful and conscientious you are.

And the same is true of injuries. It might be a parent’s worst nightmare, but where accident-prone little ones are concerned, it’s also an undeniable possibility.

Babysitting insurance provides peace of mind for both parents and sitters, and covers accidental damage or injuries that occur during a childcare booking. It’s one less thing to worry about – and as parents, we could all do with that…


Specialist child care insurance for babysitters

For registered childminders and Ofsted-registered nannies, it is a legal requirement to have appropriate public liability insurance that covers you whilst working with children. Ad hoc babysitters and independent nannies don’t have the same legal obligation, but it’s extremely good practice to have the equivalent protection, to provide reassurance to both you and the families you’re working for.

There are a number of child care insurance providers who can offer tailored cover to suit your work. Specialist firms such as Morton Michel ( provide expertise and experience in dealing with child care settings, and offer a range of insurance packages including childminder insurance, daycare insurance, nursery insurance and babysitting insurance.

Alternatively, if you register with a babysitting agency or childcare service, they can take the stress out of sorting cover by providing insurance on your behalf; offers public liability insurance to every childcarer registered with the site whilst attending babysitting bookings arranged by Sitters.


Protection for professionals and parents

So what does specialist childcare insurance cover, and why is it so important? As a standard, it should mean that, if the worst happens and a problem arises, a babysitter has:

  • Public and product liability cover

This covers the sitter’s legal liability for any injury to a child, or for accidental loss or damage to a third party’s property. Look at the amount that’s covered if you’re a babysitter shopping around for deals – Sitters’ standard public liability insurance for all registered babysitters provides full cover up to £3m.

  • Professional indemnity cover

This covers damages that the childcarer is legally liable to pay arising from advice given and services provided – again, look at the maximum coverage that’s offered if you’re a babysitter choosing a provider.

  • Legal advice

Good insurers will provide a legal advice line to policy holders offering support should any problems arise. Morton Michel even offers a specialist tax advice line for childcare professionals too, which is free for policy holders to access.

Some childcare insurance policies can also be extended to include additional cover, depending on circumstances. This might include business equipment, personal accidents and damage to other property caused by the children being cared for, although these may not always be applicable for babysitters.


Peace of mind with Sitters

When you’re booking a babysitter, the likelihood is that the biggest drama of the evening will be a bedtime tantrum or lost teddy, but it’s reassuring to know that your Sitters’ babysitter is fully insured if any bigger problems arise.

As the UK’s number one nationwide babysitting service, Sitters has teamed up with the country’s leading childcare insurance specialist, Morton Michel, to provide babysitting insurance for every childcarer registered with the site.

For complete peace of mind, when you book childcare through Sitters, your babysitter is automatically covered, including in the unlikely event of any accidental damage or injury caused by them during your booking.

Morton Michel’s insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of individual home childcarers, and the Sitters insurance offers cover up to £3m. It’s provided by a company with over 54 years of experience too, and specialist expertise in providing insurance for nannies and babysitters, as well as other childcare professionals, meaning you’re in the safest hands when it comes to taking the very best care of your family.

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