Last Minute Babysitter Booking?

Last minute babysitting booking

When it comes to last minute childcare, you can find yourself in a bit of a conundrum. It can be one thing to track down the “best babysitters near me” on Google, but another to be constrained with finding someone quickly.

This situation is made even more tricky when you’re naturally concerned about who you will leave your child with. Will a last minute babysitter mean cutting corners or choosing someone who isn’t ideal?


Last Minute Childcare Reasons

Every parent will find themselves needing a last minute babysitter at some point.

Breakdowns in regular childcare, illness, appointments and last minute work commitments are just some of the main reasons we see.

However, regardless of the reason, it doesn’t matter what’s causing the need for you to frantically Google ‘babysitter near me’, you need help you can rely on.

Yet, by the very fact it’s last minute and you’re up against it, you don’t have time to do the usual leg-work and vetting as you select someone to look after your kids. Typically you’re faced with the following solutions:

• The parent juggling act: You’ll be familiar with this. Both parents find themselves playing tag, working out whose commitments are the highest priority and coming up with an ad hoc, not ideal, plan. Inevitably someone gets short-changed somewhere. Employers get frayed patience as you have a domestic crisis, relationships are put under strain as you both feel frustrated and hard done by, and the kids end up having to stay quietly in a corner whilst you try your best to work from home.

• Calling in the favours: Another option is to put a shout out to friends and family to see if anyone can help you out. However, for many parents this means yet again having to go cap in hand when it’s very difficult to return the favour at another point.

• Track down a last minute babysitter locally: You can try speaking to friends’ childminders, school parents and your neighbours. However, you’re still facing a logistical nightmare which will take time when you don’t have time. offers an alternative solution. Whilst the majority of our babysitter bookings are planned in advance, we also understand that there are times when you simply don’t have the advance notice yourself. Therefore, we can provide last minute childcare for you.

This has a huge benefit over all of the options above: you are getting someone who is known to be reliable and trustworthy who is an experienced childcare professional, and you need do little more than fill in our online form.


Last Minute Babysitters from Sitters

Our system works in such a way that you get to select from available childcare at short notice, often with as little as 2 hours or less, who have been vetted in exactly the same way as non-emergency babysitters.

When you select a Sitters babysitter you know that they’ve been screened, interviewed, and gone through our rigorous recruitment process.

Immediately, you remove the concern about who you are leaving your child with.

Knowing the babysitter will be a professional and used to dealing with a vast range of different childcare needs, ages and situations can give you the peace of mind you need in these last minute childcare conundrums.

What’s more, you’ll probably discover that you like our system and service so much that you can relax knowing that all of your babysitting needs are now under control. You’ll also feel confident that if you ever have a last minute childcare problem again, that we’ve got you covered.

Type in your postcode and see for yourself. We’ll be happy to get you out of a jam.

We believe your little ones deserve the very best care. That's why our local network of babysitters are personally checked and picked by our family for your family

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