How to include children at a wedding

Young Children at Weddings

Managing young children at a wedding can be a headache for the bridal party and their guests. 

In theory the day should be full of excitement and fun, but for younger guests it can involve hours of formality which doesn’t mix well with restless minds & fidgety bodies.

If you have young guests invited to a wedding it’s best to plan well ahead of the day...

Our top tips for including children at a wedding:

• Think through the flow of the day – will they be involved at the ceremony, reception and evening celebrations? Or just for part of the day?

• The outfits for weddings can be rather formal – but consider your choices carefully so that young guests are smart yet comfortable.

• Provide age appropriate goodie bags filled with sweets, small games, and fun treats. New toys, no matter how cheap, can keep them amused for hours.

• Consider childcare arrangements well in advance of the day. Some guests may have a grandparent or friend come along to collect young children for the night, but if you’re at a wedding away from home, you may need to book childcare at the venue.

• Some venues will have a special room or services for children they can organise, but it's not always easy to be certain of their qualifications and experience to confidently look after children. Sitters, however, can provide fully-vetted, professional childcarers at hotels and wedding venues nationwide.

So, if you’re off to a wedding - your own, or someone else’s - then we hope you have a fabulous time.

Book your babysitter today so that you can relax and enjoy the celebrations, wherever you are.

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