How To Find A Trusted Babysitter

How To Find A Trusted Babysitter

Choosing a babysitter is a daunting task for any parent, particularly first-time parents leaving their child for the first time.  

Getting a good childcare professional isn’t about luck. With the right planning, choosing childcare in the most appropriate way will ensure that you strike gold and find a sitter who you absolutely trust, and who your children love to be with. 


Searching for a Babysitter – What to Consider

Your first trick should be to start thinking about this preferably in advance of when you may need them.

Doing your ‘homework’ ahead of time, without pressure, will give you time to make a considered decision.

You should consider these different elements in choosing a babysitter:

 1.      Background and Experience

The first step to tracking down a trustworthy babysitter is to be sure they have the relevant background and experience.

For babysitters looking after babies and toddlers they need to be confident and experienced in caring for infants.

This makes childminders, nursery workers and nannies that are looking for a little extra work an ideal option.

Why choose Sitters? At Sitters we have chosen to only work with childcare professionals for this reason. This includes OFSTED registered childminders, nursery workers, nannies and teachers. Many also have their own family so have parental experience too.

2.      References and Reviews

No matter how great someone appears on paper, to truly get a sense of their capabilities as a good babysitter you want to know they come with good references.

It is even better if you can see reviews of the individual babysitter by other parents just like you.

Why choose Sitters? All Sitters childcare professionals are reference checked. Our babysitters go through a rigorous process including written application, interview and references before they are listed on our site as a good babysitter for you. Then other parents like you can leave reviews too.


3.      Your Expectations

It is ideal to have a clear understanding of your own expectations before you start looking for a sitter. This means knowing the scenario/s you’re looking for childcare in.

This may be having someone coming to your home once your little one is already asleep. It may be that you need someone able to do the bedtime routine like you do.

You may even need to have a babysitter who is trustworthy and available wherever you travel in the UK and want to know your child will receive the same level of care at home as they would in a hotel when you are away.

Why choose Sitters? Being a national service Sitters applies the same high standards to all potential childcarers whether they are in Edinburgh or the depths of the Devon countryside. Wherever you are there is most likely a choice of babysitters available for daytime babysitting, evening babysitting and hotel babysitting. You really can take your pick knowing you’re still getting a good childcare professional.

4.      Your Child’s Age, Nature and Opinions

When choosing a babysitter, it can be useful to consider some things about your child or children. This may include their ages. A primary school teacher may be an ideal childcarer for daytime childcare needs in the school holidays when you need emergency cover, whereas a nursery nurse may be better suited if you’ve got a baby who tends to wake and need resettling.

Furthermore, if your child is older they may well have strong opinions on who they would like!

Why choose Sitters? At Sitters we have a broad range of available childcare professionals who are experienced across a range of ages and settings. You can choose who is right for you at that moment in time. At Sitters you can also take a sneak peek at potential childcarers online so that your older child feels they have some input on the decision.


 5.      Take Time to Practice

It can be helpful to have a chance to get to know the babysitter a little before leaving your child with them for the first time.

This helps children to transition to the care of the sitter and parents to feel confident before heading out.

Why choose Sitters? For this reason, we encourage you to make your first booking with an extra half hour at the beginning of the time you need. Our childcarers are familiar with this process, and it’s a great opportunity for the children and sitter to build a rapport and for you to gain peace of mind.

6.      How to be a Good Babysitter ‘Boss’

Part of finding a good childcare professional is knowing what it takes to be a clear and reliable ‘boss’. This means knowing to make accurate time bookings and pay reliably. This ensures this is a professional relationship with less scope for problems.

Why choose Sitters? Rather than an ad hoc arrangement, by choosing Sitters you know you are working on a professional footing with clear expectations and crystal clear rates which are fair for your area and booking.

7.      Availability

It can be frustrating to find a good sitter and then struggle to make bookings that work for you and your diary. When choosing a nanny you will need to consider the availability of who you choose.

Why choose Sitters? At Sitters you can build a relationship with a ‘regular’ preferred babysitter. However, you also get the reassurance that there are other equally great and trustworthy sitters on hand in your area even if your regular sitter is unavailable. This is particularly crucial for those times when you need to make a last minute booking.

Make a Babysitter Booking Today

If you consider the above factors when you are choosing a childcarer, then you can be sure you’ll find a professional who is trustworthy and ensures you get peace of mind. Leaving your child with a babysitter needn’t be worrying if you go through this.

To see for yourself the benefits of using Sitters, and always having a trusted babysitter to hand, register with us today. You don’t start paying until you make that first booking so it’s a great opportunity to see what’s on offer and how choosing a childcare help can, in fact, be a breeze

We believe your little ones deserve the very best care. That's why our local network of babysitters are personally checked and picked by our family for your family

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