How to Find a Babysitter for New Year’s Eve and the Going Rates

Demand for a New Year’s Eve babysitter is high. In fact, in our experience we’d rate it as the busiest night for babysitters in the year. Therefore, finding a New Year’s Eve babysitter can be a tall order. So you don’t run the risk of seeing the New Year in frustrated that you couldn’t go out, and to ensure your children get a peaceful and happy start to the year, we’ll explain what to look for in a babysitter on New Year’s Eve, and what you can expect from New Year’s Eve babysitting rates.


The Babysitting New Year’s Eve Gig

New Year’s Eve babysitting inevitably is harder to arrange. It’s the one guaranteed night of the year when the vast majority of people are looking to head out and celebrate, usually past midnight. This means that there is greater demand for New Year’s Eve babysitters, and the rates will be more expensive.

This also means there are two factors you need to consider: booking well in advance and the minimum booking time. We strongly recommend that as soon as you RSVP to that invitation, you pop on to our website and book your New Year’s Eve babysitter. This way you’ll be sure to secure a booking for your night out.

Furthermore, on New Year’s Eve, we request that the minimum booking period is for 4 hours. This is because babysitters are in high demand that evening and to give them fair compensation for their commitment.

Obviously on New Year’s Eve, you’re highly likely to want the babysitter to stay after midnight so that you can ring in the New Year. At the time of booking it can be helpful if you state the latest time that you anticipate you will be out until. Although, Sitters babysitters don’t cost more for after-midnight. However, if you’re planning to be out past 3am then this will be an Overnight Booking and you will need to provide a bed for the babysitter.


What About Friend’s Children?

We frequently get asked, particularly on New Year’s Eve, if the babysitter can sit for more than just your own children. This makes sense for you to spread the cost, and find a babysitter when they are in high demand. We are happy for you to do this, but we want to make sure your children are safe. Therefore, a single babysitter is limited to no more than two children under the age of three, and no more than five children in total. However, there is nothing to stop you booking a second babysitter at the same address.  We just require each family with children who need a sitter to register on our site and become a member.  That way all children can accounted for.

How Much are New Year’s Eve Babysitting Rates?

The babysitting rates you can expect on New Year’s Eve vary according to a number of different factors. Firstly, our rates always vary according to location. Secondly, as is often the case on New Year’s Eve, babysitting rates in a hotel will be slightly more expensive than for babysitting at home. Finally, there is a significant premium for it being the busiest night of the year.

To find out how much New Year’s Eve babysitter rates are in your area, then type in your postcode here. Here you can select between home and hotel, and notably click on ‘special rates for special dates’ to see the rates which apply to New Year’s Eve in your area.

If you’re ready to book your New Year’s Eve babysitter then we recommend you do so as soon as possible. You can call us on 03330 032 888 if you still have any questions.

Get ready, get set, and we wish you a very Happy New Year!


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