How parents are using – we’re not just for Saturday nights!

How parents are using Sitters

Many of us turn to babysitters when we’re heading out for the evening, but savvy parents are increasingly using babysitting websites to give them extra flexibility at other times of day too.

A good babysitting website can arrange reliable, affordable childcare for almost any occasion – be it during the daytime, in an emergency or even during a hotel stay.

So before you turn down that afternoon wedding invitation, rearrange a medical appointment or say no to a well deserved pamper session, take a look at just a few of the ways other parents are using

Daytime childcare

1. Daytime childcare

Many a harassed parent will recount tales of horror about taking little ones on shopping trips (‘Mummy, mummy, look what I’m wearing on my head…’) or to important daytime appointments.

The fact is that, unless family or friends can step in and help, we often feel like there’s no alternative.

But a website such as can arrange daytime childcare for as little as three hours, freeing you up to arrange appointments and make plans without shelling out a fortune on childcare.

Mum Karen recalls: ‘When I was a single mum in the process of selling my house, I had to take my 16-month-old son to a long solicitor's appointment. I tried – and failed – to plan it around his afternoon naptime but instead he was wide-awake and full of beans. He proceeded to rampage around the office, opening drawers, picking up paperwork and – the best bit – singing REALLY loudly whilst I tried to have a conversation with my increasingly irritated lawyer.’

‘With none of my usual childcare go-tos available, I just didn’t think I had any other options. Had it occurred to me to book a babysitter to cover the appointment, I could have avoided the whole traumatic experience!’

Hotel babysitters and holiday childcare

2. Hotel babysitters and holiday bookings

A professional babysitter can provide childcare whether you’re at home or away, meaning you can take a break with the family – and enjoy a little grown-up time too. You might even be able to make proper use of that hotel spa!

A good babysitting agency or website will arrange for an approved childcare professional to come out to you, wherever you are. makes it easy to find a babysitter near you, whether you’re staying with friends and family or in a hotel.

Just type in the postcode of your accommodation and a few details about yourself and your family, then browse recommended sitters before booking.

Mum Charlotte did exactly that when she visited Bournemouth with her 20-month-old son Billy to attend a wedding:

‘I used twice on the Friday and Saturday night,’ she explains. ‘We booked online through the recommendation of a friend and it was really easy – we got a choice of sitters, with all sorts of information to help you choose the right person. On the night they were really reassuring – it allowing me to relax and enjoy the evening.’

'Give it a go if you’re looking for some help' she urges.

We believe your little ones deserve the very best care. That's why our local network of babysitters are personally checked and picked by our family for your family

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3. Work demands

Juggling work and children invariably presents a few challenges, even with the best-laid plans in place.

Whether it’s an early morning meeting, an urgent call out or a big deadline, there will inevitably be occasions when you need extra help with childcare – and a babysitting service can provide it.

Good babysitting websites give you access to experienced childcare professionals quickly and easily, without the headache of trying to call in favours or ferry kids halfway across town to the only person you know who’s available to step in.


4. Emergency childcare

Work demands aside, there are plenty of other occasions when you may need last minute childcare.

It might be for an urgent appointment, to help out a family member or even for a double booking on the calendar (we’ve all been there!)

Instead of making frantic phone calls to friends and family, a babysitting website such as can usually arrange childcare with just two hours' notice (and sometimes less).

Easy access to emergency babysitting can be a godsend, too, if your child is unwell and has to stay at home, or your usual childminder can’t make it.

Mum Lisa explains: ‘I’ve turned to on several occasions when there’s been an issue with our normal childcare arrangements. Every time, I’ve been amazed at how quickly they were able to find babysitters near me, and how easy it all was. As a busy working mum, it’s a huge relief to know I have a reliable back-up for emergencies!’

Childcare at weddings and daytime functions

5. Daytime functions

Have you ever said no to a daytime function because you couldn’t take the kids along, or been forced to turn down a tempting invitation because you couldn’t find childcare?

Whether it’s a daytime wedding, an opportunity for some self-development or an overdue get together with friends, a babysitting website can free you up to get there without worry.

A babysitter can also prove hugely helpful when you’re hosting yourself – whether it’s to look after little ones during an older sibling’s party or to give you a little breathing space when you’re preparing for a big event.

Trusted babysitters for every occasion

At, we’re on hand to help at any time of day. We can deliver an approved childcare professional to your door, wherever and whenever you need them.

We believe your little ones deserve the very best care. That's why our local network of babysitters are personally checked and picked by our family for your family

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