How Can I Find an Emergency Babysitter?

Knowing how to track down an emergency babysitter, without compromising, can be daunting.

We’ve all been there. Your partner is away on a business trip or a meeting which cannot be cancelled, one child needs getting to school on time, and then the toddler spikes a temperature meaning nursery is out.

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Can you use babysitters in an emergency?

When we think of a babysitter, we tend to envisage a responsible adult who is happy to sit in our home with sleeping children for a few hours. You likely book them in advance for a night out.

In reality, you should expect far more from your babysitter than this. In fact, a babysitter can be the ideal solution to a last-minute childcare emergency.

A true babysitter is capable of reliably providing the care your child needs. This applies whether that’s getting them snuggly off to sleep whilst you’re on a night out, or keeping them busy on a Saturday morning whilst you work.

It even applies when your regular childcare has rung in sick, your family helpers are on holiday, and you have no one else to ask.

What’s reassuring about using a Sitters babysitter in an emergency is that they will be vetted and checked. They will also have a range of experience in childcare settings.

How to find an emergency babysitter

How to Find an Emergency Babysitter?

It stands to reason that, if it’s an emergency, you don’t have much time to play with. If you’re lucky, you may have found out a night or two before. In some cases you may only have a few hours to play with.

Finding a reputable and trustworthy babysitter with so little notice can seem like a challenge which simply adds to the stress you’re under.

You have a number of different options open to you.

  • Ask around: Post on the school parents’ WhatsApp group, ask your network, or put out a plea on social media. You may strike gold and be recommended someone who also happens to be free at the last minute.
  • Use emergency childcare providers: You can choose between a few different agencies that specialise only in emergency childcare. Be aware that ‘emergency’ childcare will come at a premium cost. This can feel unfair when you’ve already got a difficult situation on your hands.
  • Turn to Sitters: At Sitters we offer the same exceptional standard of service for emergency childcare as we do to our regular babysitting placements. The babysitters listed as available to you will genuinely have the availability to help, with short notice. And you won't be penalised through hefty costs for the late notice. You simply pay the fair going rate for babysitting in your area.

Furthermore, all Sitters babysitters have already been vetted and chosen because of their honesty, integrity and experience with children. Many work as teachers, nursery workers, childminders and nannies.

Emergency babysitters with Sitters can be booked with as little as two hours’ notice, sometimes even less.

Use Sitters for emergency childcare

Use Sitters for Emergency Babysitters

We know that emergencies and breakdowns in childcare can be immensely stressful and worrying. We aim to take the stress out of the equation and simply come up with a solution that works.

You can get your day back on track, knowing that your children are safely cared for. The babysitter can play with and entertain your child at home, prepare them light meals and snacks, and do the childcare tasks you need.

And if your little one is poorly, they can keep them warm and cared for, whilst keeping you informed about their wellbeing.

What’s more, your children may have such a lovely time with their emergency babysitter that you discover a new and reliable back-up childcare option, preventing emergency panics in the future.

You may even want to book them for that rare night out after all!

To book an emergency babysitter now, click here.

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