Coronation Party Ideas and Activities for Kids

If you want to celebrate the Coronation at home with your family, but haven't made any plans yet and don't know where to start... don't stress, we've got a few easy ideas up our sleeve to keep your children happy and involved!


1. Crown-Making Station

Set up a crown-making station with colourful card, gems, glitter and stickers. Encourage kids to make their own crowns and wear them throughout the party. You could also have a "best crown" contest and award prizes to the winners! If you want to have a go at making a Coronation crown fit for a King - here's an easy tutorial for even the non-craftiest of parents!

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2. Coronation Scavenger Hunt

To make your life easier, we've put together a Coronation-themed scavenger hunt for you to print out at home. Once you've printed a few copies (one for each child), simply cut up the images into cards, and hide the picture cards in different parts of the party area. Then challenge your kids to find them all and tick off the ones they find on the answer sheet. You could also hide little prizes along the way, such as stickers or sweets. Download the Coronation Scavenger Hunt here.

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3. Pin the Crown on the King!

A classic party game with a Coronation twist! Create a poster of King Charles III and cut out a crown shape from paper. Blindfold the kids (or adults!) one at a time and see if they can pin or stick the crown on the correct spot. Whoever gets closest wins a prize.

4. A Royal Tea Party

Who doesn't love cake?! Host a regal Coronation tea party with cakes, scones and sandwiches (crusts cut off, of course). Encourage kids to dress up in their best outfits and practice their manners. You could also have a "best-dressed" contest and award prizes to the winners. If you need (delicious) inspiration, look no further than here and here.

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5. Your Own Coronation Ceremony

End the party with a Coronation ceremony all of your own, where the children take turns in being crowned as the King or Queen for the day. Why not encourage them to make a special crown for the occasion (see an easy tutorial here) and present it on a cushion. The kids can stand in a circle and recite a special oath of allegiance to say why they'll make a wonderful new monarch and what they're most looking forward to about it. You could also have a special photo session with the Royal guests wearing their crowns.

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Whatever you decide to do on Coronation Day, don't stress about making it perfect. By throwing in even a couple of Coronation-themed activities (and food!), your kids are bound to remember it forever.



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