Kids and Babies First Aid Courses for Parents

Kids & parents first aid courses for parents

It’s not until we become parents that we truly realise the depth of concern that is possible for our tiny children. We’ll wear many hats as we embark on the adventure that is parenthood, from entertainer to chef, cheer-leading squad to taxi driver, but one that will come up time and again is that of ‘nurse’. However, many of us find some basic first aid scenarios daunting, overwhelming, and worry that we simply don’t know what to do. Mix this with our natural parenting anxieties, and it’s a worrying time bomb. Take a First Aid Course for Babies or Kids and you’ll be primed and ready for action, should the need arise. 

Under 5's are particularly prone to having to an accident in or around the home. Would you know what to do if it was your child? How to give them the best chance of recovery involves knowing specifically about paediatric first aid.

Kids and Babies First Aid vs. Regular First Aid

There are a surprising number of differences in how you treat a child or infant requiring first aid, compared to an adult. CPR and choking alleviation techniques are hugely different. Children and babies are also more susceptible to certain types of injuries, such as scalds, and health events, such as febrile convulsions.

Furthermore, children and babies are rarely their own best advocates, frequently finding themselves hurt or unwell through lack of experience. Paediatric first aid scenarios are further compounded by a young child’s natural panic and anxiety. All of these variables make kids and babies first aid a completely different kettle of fish to adult first aid.


Why Should Parents be Trained in Kids and Babies First Aid Courses?

When babies and children are in childcare, or at school, they are always near to a paediatric first aider. Given most children and babies spend the majority of the time with their parents, and the vast majority of accidents happen in the home, it makes sense that our parenting repertoire should also include skills to draw on in a first aid scenario.

A kids and babies first aid course for parents specifically addresses the highest risk first aid scenarios you may encounter as a parent. Furthermore, as they are specifically aimed at parents they are delivered knowing that in such events emotions will be running high.

When something happens that threatens or hurts our child it can be difficult to think clearly. Having expert knowledge to draw on, rather than rely on remaining calm in a crisis, can be the difference between doing the right thing and making it worse.

A paediatric first aid course will give you the confidence to handle home-based first aid scenarios: from allergy reactions to cuts and grazes, and burns to choking and CPR. Additionally, it will give you the real factual information you need as a parent to understand hazards in the home, and how you can keep your baby and children safe. The result is confident parents who feel ‘up to the job’ of wearing the ‘nurses hat’ when on the frontline of a first aid situation.

Where Can I Find a Kids and Babies First Aid Course for Parents?

Fortunately, this is a growing area of courses for parents, meaning wherever you are in the UK you shouldn’t be too far from a paediatric first aid course near you. Several businesses are springing up running Parenting First Aid courses, such as Daisy First Aid .

In addition, both the St John’s Ambulance and the British Red Cross run kids and babies first aid courses. To find your nearest St John’s Ambulance paediatric first aid course see here and for Red Cross courses see here.

These courses will cover the basics of how to assess a child or baby first aid situation, how to make decisions, and what care you can give. The courses typically cover CPR, shock, fever treatment (including convulsions and fits), rash management (and meningitis warning signs), choking, bleeding and head injuries.

Armed with the knowledge from a kids and babies first aid course, you can feel confident whatever your little one throws at you, whether that’s a spoonful of their yoghurt, or a worrying looking event.


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