Our Top 30 Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween may traditionally be a time of all things spooky and scary, but you just can’t beat the cuteness of a toddler in costume. Whether you’re looking for a novel toddler costume for “trick or treating”, something for the antenatal class Halloween party, or simply an excuse to have some fun with your little one, we’ve got the 30 best toddler Halloween costume ideas all in one place.


1. Spooky Spider

Grab some black tights and take advantage of the toddler sitting pose for a fabulous spooky spider.

 1 Spider

 2. Easy Mummy 

For a quick and easy Halloween costume solution get busy with a roll of bandages.

 2 Easy Mummy

3. Up, Up, and Away

There’s something about those squidgy toddler cheeks that lend themselves to dressing as an old guy. We just love this Disney Pixar “Up” costume.

 3 Up

4. ET Phone Home

If your trick or treating route is going to be tiresome for little legs, pop them on their push along trike and get ET on board.

4 ET

5. Ghoulish Ghost

Perhaps the oldest and the best, take an old sheet and transform your little one in to a ghoulish ghost.

5 Ghost

6. Minion Mayhem

Grab your toddler’s dungarees and a yellow top and bingo, an easy Halloween costume.

6 Minion

7. The Cutest Witch

There’s nothing scary here, with a little toddling magic maker.

7 Witch

8. Kitty Cat

Tutus make for great costume adaptations, and a little spot of black face paint and she’ll be purring away.

8 Cat

9. Burning Bonfire

If you want something different, and a project to work on, then how’s about a flaming bonfire costume?

9 Bonfire


10. Pickly Pumpkin

Dress your little pickle as a pumpkin and they’ll be the cutest kid in the patch.

10 Pumpkin

11. Brilliant Bat

You can count on your toddler not to stay still, and this bat costume will look its best with a good amount of flapping.

11 Bat

12. Vampire

He may try to spook you, but toddler vampires are really the most adorable little gentlemen.

12 Vampire

13. Harry Potter

You’re a wizard Harry! Easy to do and appealing to the adults, transform your little wizard.

13 Harry Potter

14. Freakish Frankenstein

Your little monster will feel right at home dressed up as Frankenstein for Halloween.

14 Frankenstein


15. Ooh Scary Monster

If your little one is likely to be more scared at the concept of a costume than any costume itself, then get creative with transforming a hoodie.

15 Monster

16. I Am a Robot

Little kids love boxes, so let them stomp around in their very own.

16 Robot

17. Lazy Zombie

A great last-minute costume, grab some old clothes and let your toddler make as much mess with the red paint as they like.

17 Zombie

18. Fire Truck to the Rescue

Have fun making this creation together and your child will be the star of any costume parade.

18 Fire Truck

19. Little Red Riding Hood

If she’s too little to play ball with costumes, then a simple Little Red Riding Hood costume will look perfect paired with her Trick or Treat bucket.

19 Little Red Riding Hood

20. Yee Haw Cow Girl

A costume that will make its way in to daily wear once Halloween is over, and will certainly the oohs and ahs.

20 Cow Girl

21. Hobbit

Whilst they are too little to dictate what to wear, take advantage and create your own little Frodo Baggins.

21 Hobbit

22. Scuba Diver

If your little one is superglued to their dummy, make it part of the costume with a scuba diver outfit!

22 Scuba

23. Argh me Hearties Pirate

Easy and simple and a costume you’ll be able to use time and again is a pirate girl or pirate boy.

23 Pirate

24. Bonza Batmobile

Rest weary legs on their trick or treat expedition by making their costume work around their pushchair!

24 Batmobile

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25. Terrific Trolls

Popular at the moment and an excuse to have fun with the hairspray, your little girl will rival Princess Poppy.

25 Trolls

26. Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

I ain’t afraid of no ghost! Keep your little one on the good side and fighting the evil spirits of Halloween.

26 Ghostbusters

27. Just the Cutest Boo 

It just has to be done. She won our hearts in Monsters Inc., now let your little one go and melt hearts too.

27 Boo

28. Super Mario and Luigi

If you’ve got a pair to dress and want a quick solution, then Mario and Luigi will come to the rescue.

28 Super Mario And Luigi

29. Peter Pan

Let them fly as their imagination takes them to Neverland.

29 Peter Pan

30. Dinosaur Roar

If you’re handy with the sewing machine and you’re one of millions with a dinosaur fanatic, then whisk up this creation.

30 Dinosaur


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