24 Outdoor Toddler Activities This Summer

Top Outdoor Toddler Activities

It can be a struggle to think of ways to keep your toddler entertained whilst also enjoying some fresh air.

We've come up with an in-depth list of 24 fun activities for toddlers that are focused on the Great Outdoors for the summer months.

Here you’ll find a fantastic mix of fun activities for toddlers from complete days out, to shoestring ideas you can do at home.


1. Farm Fun

Kids and animals are a match made in heaven - right? And these adventure farms offer so much more than just a chance to feed some animals. They're a great way for kids to learn and they're also a lot of fun! Netmums have put together this fantastic list of 33 of the UK's best adventure farm parks for kids. 


2. Splash in the Shallows at the Beach

As long as you come well prepared with sunshades, sun cream, hats and UV suits, you can have a fabulous day at the beach with your toddler.

Make sure you bring plenty of easy-to-eat, individually-wrapped snacks to prevent the sandy sandwiches conundrums.

And of course don’t forget the bucket and spade!


3. Visit Your Local Wetland Centre and Tramp a Boardwalk

Toddlers love the chance to toddle along boardwalks, and they are the perfect height for feeling as if they are on a jungle adventure!

Check out your nearest Wetland Centre and head out to explore.


4. Meet Peppa Pig and Friends

We’re yet to meet a toddler who isn’t Peppa mad. Feed their passion by visiting Paultons Park with their dedicated Peppa Pig World.

Whoever their favourite character, they will find rides and shows to delight. All thought through with toddlers in the frame.


5. Go Watch the Trains

For endless cute renditions of “choo choo” head to your nearest train platform or bridge, and watch the trains as they pass.

Many drivers look out for the little ones and will even reward their patience with a free toot-toot! The warmer weather makes this a much more enjoyable activity for you too!


6. Head Out on a Bug Safari

Toddlers love dirt, they love exploring, and they love hide-and-seek style games. Combine them all by heading out to somewhere local, such as some woodland, and seeing what bugs you can spot.

Remember to put things back exactly how you found them and make sure you’ve got wet wipes to hand!


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7. Imagine You’re in Neverland

Visit the Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens and your toddler can enjoy some Peter Pan themed play.

Make sure you pack a change of clothes as there are some shallow water areas to discover where they will love running in and out of the wigwams and pirate ship.


8. Discover Your Nearest Superworm Trail

The Forestry Commission in England is running trails at their sites based on Julia Donaldson’s much-loved story, Superworm.

Toddlers and older siblings will love heading off to discover their favourite mini-beast characters from the story hidden away in the woods. Plenty of cute photo opportunities too!


9. Immerse Yourselves into CBeebies Fandom

At CBeebies Land at Alton Towers your toddler will be in pure character heaven.

Whether they are in love with Mr Bloom, Postman Pat or In the Night Garden, there is a toddler-friendly ride or experience just for them.

Parents will love how delighted their toddler is, as they cool off on the In the Night Garden boat ride with lots of dappled shade.


10. Toddlerwood on the Hill at Bewilderwood

Bewilderwood is an outdoor wonderland full of family fun and adventure, with two sites - one in Norfolk and the other in Cheshire.

Toddlers are much loved here, and there are dedicated smaller scale play areas still with a treehouse theme, such as Toddlerwood on the Hill. There’s plenty for the whole family too, but the toddlers are never forgotten. For example, alongside the daredevil big kid ziplines are toddler-sized ones too!


11. Create a Garden

If you’ve tried to garden with a toddler in tow then you’ll have discovered they love it, but they also have a tendency to pull up your flowers.

Take this opportunity to create a toddler-specific corner in your garden. Choose a shady spot and let them dig and ‘weed’ to their heart's content, as well as sowing some seeds.



12. Have Roar-some Fun at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle has plenty of outdoor play space for budding knights.

Step into the Realm of Zog, the perfect place for your little young dragons to let their imaginations roam wild.

What's more, Julia Donaldson superfans can also complete the Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star Activity Trail.

13 Warwick Castle Zog Playland

13. Have Fun at a Festival

From bigger music events to boutique local festivals aimed at kids, there are so many great festivals taking place in the UK that are ideal for young and old alike. Here's a great list of festivals from someone who knows a lot about them!


14. Get Them Washing the Car

Let’s be realistic, the car won’t exactly receive an even clean, but toddlers will love being allowed to get in on the action where a hose, bucket and sponge are involved.

Take advantage of the nicer weather to let them get covered in suds with abandon.

15 Car Washing

15. Get Creative with Chalk

If you’re struggling to encourage mark making, or they simply have a propensity to do it anywhere other than paper, chalk pavement drawing is for you. Arm them with some chalk and let them loose on your patio, stepping-stones or even the pavement. Being Blighty, the rain will come soon enough to wash it away! A great outdoor activity for toddlers!

16 Chalk

16. Step Into Another World at Hobbledown

In Epsom, Surrey is a day out with a twist at Hobbledown. Toddlers love watching the meerkats and other animals.

Also here is plenty of sand play, bouncing pillows, a fabulous indoor play area if you need to get in for some shade and, our highlight, a brand new Imaginarium combining play, animals and learning all in one amazing space.

Hobbledown Imaginarium

17. Let Them Paint…with Water!

A fantastic way to keep toddlers busy but out of trouble is to give them a bucket of water and some paintbrushes and let them paint the fence!

The sun will dry away their work but, in the meantime, they can have a ball.


18. Have Fun at Legoland

Legoland isn’t only for pre-schoolers and younger primary kids. There’s a whole Duplo area dedicated to the fun and enjoyment of the smallest Lego lovers.

On a sunny day, come armed with swim gear for the splash areas.


19. Learn About Science with Crayons

Ever wondered what you could do with all those broken crayons? Use a black baking tray in the sun and let the crayons melt.

Your toddler will have fun squidging and experimenting with the liquid colours. This is one of the most mesmerising and fun activities for toddlers.



20. Make Dino Fossils, then Hunt for Them

Toddlers love dinosaurs as much as any palaeontologist. Use salt dough to make impressions of dinosaur toys to become fossils.

You can dry them in the oven or even in the sun. Then hide them in a sandpit and let your toddler dig for fossil treasure.


21. Make Like an Olympian at the Queen Elizabeth Park

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London is fabulous for kids of all ages. There’s lots of safe, wide-open space for toddlers to toddle safely, and for the whole family to enjoy a picnic.

There are plenty of play areas with toddler-friendly equipment and sandpits.

On the hottest days, toddlers will love dashing in an out of the fountains.


22. Feed Their Love of Thomas at Drayton Manor

If you’ve got a Thomas fan then you need to make a trip to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor.

Toddlers’ eyes widen when they see Thomas, James, Percy and all their favourites in the flesh.


23. Get Washed in Pots at the Deer Shed Festival

In North Yorkshire this July is the quirky, family-friendly Deer Shed Festival.

Babies and toddlers are welcomed with open arms here. There’s even wash time for babies and little toddlers where they get to be bathed in pots overflowing with bubbles!

There’s plenty of opportunity for creative play, and as it’s a small festival you can easily pop back to the tent for nap times. 


24. Splashtastic Fun With a Water Table

You needn’t spend a fortune on expensive water tables and toys, because a fabulous toddler activity is simply to use a tub and empty plastic bottles to create a water table.

Add in a colander and some sponges and your toddler will be in pure water play heaven.


Have fun this summer with our outdoor activities for toddlers.

Whether you’re staying home or heading out, we’re sure these fun activities for toddlers will get your mind thinking of other ideas too.

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