20 Homemade Father’s Day Cards and Gift Ideas for Kids


If you’ve got a little one who’s keen to get in on the action of showing Dad just how awesome he is, then we’ve got the perfect ideas for you.

Here are our best Homemade Father’s Day Gifts from kids, including those all-important cards.

1. Roarsome Daddy

This Father’s Day card is simple yet effective. Cut out a dinosaur body template. Then use non-toxic child-friendly paints to make a toddler handprint for the dino’s spines.

In fact, this is too nice for a card alone, why not frame it and it’ll become one of daddy’s most treasured homemade Father’s Day gifts?


2. Wearing Dad’s Clothes

One for a frame: dress up your little ones in some of dad’s favourite wardrobe pieces for an utterly adorable photo.

The kids will have fun and the photos will be worth it. Do this every year and you’ll have a record of just how fast they grow!


3. Chalkboard Memories

They may not be able to write yet but that doesn’t mean they’ve got nothing to say!

Find out what makes Daddy special to your little one, write it on a chalkboard and snap away. Dad will love these sorts of Father’s Day gifts from his kids now that they can talk!


4. Give a Hug!

There’s something ultra-cute about handprint memories. We love this way of showing dad just how much he’s loved.

Trace around your toddler’s hands and make this simple craft together.



5. Ask Them Questions

This one is a real tradition to start now. Use a questionnaire and ask your little one all sorts of questions about Dad, writing down their answers.

This year Daddy will have a good giggle at discovering his favourite food is snails, or that he’s age 1 Zillion and 84, and have his heart melted by discovering why his toddler loves him.

What’s more, repeat this exercise in years to come and it makes a wonderful comparison.


6. Handprint T-Shirt

They may not be very dextrous just yet but that doesn’t mean they can’t create a fabulous clothing gift that will soon become one of dad’s favourites.

Let them loose with a plain white t-shirt and some child-friendly fabric paint. Use handprints in bright colours to make the design.


7. Or a Backrub T-Shirt!

This one will need some help from Mum or another trusty family member, but this makes a great homemade Father’s Day gift from the kids.

It also gives Dad the excuse to lie down and be pampered on this day whilst the kids get entertained too. Make sure you’ve got plenty of toy cars on hand!


8. Have Fun with Feet

Toddlers’ feet are adorably cute. What’s more, if you’ve got a wriggly camera-shy toddler they can be great for still being able to take a photo which looks great.

Use face paint crayons, or non-toxic pens, and have fun taking some photos.


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9. Handprint Mug

A Father’s Day homemade gift to treasure is a simple handprint mug. You’ll need to use special porcelain paints, so do make sure you supervise your little one constantly and wash it all off once done.

You can then bake the mug in your home oven, and perhaps fill it with some sweets, before giving to Dad.


10. DAD cookies

We just love this recipe from Sainsbury’s for toddler-friendly baking for Father’s Day!

You can be sure that some of the sweetie toppings will end up in their mouth, and happily so, but they will be super proud of their efforts when they hand them over to Daddy.


11. Photo Bookmarks

A personal gift which will become a daily treasured item is to snap some shots of your toddler reaching for the sky, cut out, laminate and add to some ribbon or string for a funky bookmark.


12. Fingerprint Flower Picture

For kids that love making art, let them create a fingerprint flower picture.

Draw some straight vertical lines on a large piece of paper, give them access to paints, and show them how it’s done. It’s a fantastic way of ensuring their creation looks how their imagination conceived it.


13. Walking in Daddy’s Shoes

Your toddler is tiny and you want to remember them that way.

Without Dad knowing, sneak an impression of his shoe. Then use a footprint of your toddler to paint over the top. In just a few short years you won’t be able to believe he was ever that small!



14. Let Them Scribble

Chances are your toddler isn’t yet capable of much more than a colourful scribble. Nonetheless, this is their treasured artwork and a real development for them.

Make use of this newfound ability by making a scribble-based card. Use a template to cover where you want to peel away.


15. Get Baking!

Get your little one in the kitchen with you and make some fairy cakes for the Father’s Day weekend. They will love pressing the buttons on the mixer, and liberally sprinkling on the hundreds and thousands.


16. Take a Shadow Photo

An idea which can be used for a photo card, and makes great use of a sunny day, is to have your toddler hold up a template to create a wonderful shadow image.


17. Get Crafty with a Tool Mobile

Toddlers just love to have a go, and whilst they may have to stay away from Dad’s tools normally, they can have fun making these with you.

Scrunching up aluminium foil and painting the handles are jobs for the toddler whilst you do the string threading.



18. A Different Kind of Tackle Box

If Dad loves fishing, then your toddler will have great fun selecting (and tasting!) the sweets to put in this unique tackle box.

Dad will treasure it until the time your toddler is old enough to enjoy fishing too.


19. Give Him Breakfast in Bed

Ok, we’re not suggesting you let your toddler loose frying up the bacon and eggs just yet. But they will love decorating a menu, and even carrying a plate of toast up for Daddy in bed.

What’s more, you can bet they’ll then dive in under the covers for some Father’s Day snuggles.


20. A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Last but not least, one of the most treasured Father’s day gifts is a simple photo of your little one with their most important man.

Make it into a photo card, or pop it in a frame, and Daddy will be one happy camper.


Father’s Day is an opportunity to slow down and reflect on the importance of Daddy in your child's life. Choose homemade gifts for that extra special touch.

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