15 Fun & Easy Kids' Cooking Recipes

15 fun cooking activities to kids

Cooking with kids is not only fun and cheap, it’s great for giving them some life-skills, boosting their confidence, and even practicing some fine-motor skills. Even better, helping in the kitchen can entice even the fussiest of eaters to try something new and maybe add a new veg or two to their limited repertoire. Get the kids stuck in with these fun cooking activities for kids.


1. Prickly but tasty Hedgehog Rolls

There’s something delightful about being able to bake your own bread, and these friendly hedgehog rolls make a wonderful cooking activity for kids.

4 Hedgehog Rolls

2. Delicious and Simple Tomato Spaghetti

Cook up a storm with this simple tomato spaghetti dish for kids. Get the little ones involved and you have a guaranteed winner on your hands.

8 Simple tomato spaghetti

3. Sumptuous Fairy Cakes

Who better to teach the next generation how to make these divinely sweet fairy cakes than Queen of Cakes herself, Mary Berry.

3 Fairy Cakes


4. Taste-Tastic “I Can Cook” Thai Green Turkey Balls

If your child is a fan of CBeebies ‘I Can Cook’ then this is a great first recipe to get them broadening their horizons on the taste front. With a helping hand, your little one will be serving up the family menu in no time. 

1 Thai Green Turkey Balls

5. Snaffle Some Lunchbox Muffins

The boredom of another round of sarnies can be banished by getting the kids on board whisking up some delicious Lunchbox Muffins made with carrots and oats.

5 Lunchbox Muffins

6. Veggie Pizza Roll-Ups

Puff pastry is a great edible plaything for kids. It’s very forgiving and no matter how messy it looks going into the oven, these Veggie Pizza Roll-Ups taste and smell delicious when they come out!

6 Veggie Pizza Roll Ups

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7. Zoom Around the Galaxy for Planet Cookies

Kids will love the rolling and cutting involved in making these space-themed planet cookies.

7 Planet Cookies

8. Healthy Mini Pizza Quiches 

Kids need to achieve something impressive quickly when it comes to cooking, and these mini pizza quiches that use tortillas as the case are the healthy solution.

 2 Pizza Quiches

9. Energy-Boosting Flapjacks

Great for after-school snacks, or keeping the kids fuelled on days out, these flapjacks are one of the easiest first recipes to master.

9 Flapjacks

10. Easy Pizza

If you’ve got a reluctant chef on your hands, mention the word ‘pizza’ and they’ll be in the kitchen in no time. This holiday pizza recipe is great for getting the kids involved and they'll love making their very own dough.

10 Pizza

11. Rocky Road Crunch Bars

Nigella is known for her indulgent recipes, and this twist on rocky road is a perfect no-cook bake which will result in wonderful spoons for licking.

11 Rocky Road


12. Gluten Free Carrot Cake

If you’ve got a child who needs to avoid gluten, there’s no need for them to miss out on the baking fun with this divine gluten free carrot cake.

12 Carrot Cake

13. Jam Tarts

Even the smallest of kitchen helpers can get involved with making some scrumptious jam tarts. Just make sure you let them cool before tiny tongues get burned.

13 Jam Tarts

14. Easy 2-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or simply to show someone you care, a homemade edible gift is priceless. Get your kids in on the giving by helping them make this simple fudge recipe.

14 Fudge

15. Wolf-Them-Down Chicken Wraps

Annabel Karmel knows a thing or two about feeding small children, and these create-your-own chicken wraps will help your little one to make healthy choices.

15 Chicken Wrap

Whether you’re after something satisfying and savoury, or wonderfully sweet, enjoy the culinary journey with your child.

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