15 Amazing and Creative Cake Ideas For Boys or Girls

15 Amazing And Creative Cake Ideas for Boys

Stuck on ideas for your son or daughter's next birthday cake? Allow your creativity to flow with these 15 amazing cake ideas for children that will certainly bring smiles to their faces.

1. Superheros: Batman and Spiderman Cakes

A favourite for fancy dress parties and all year round, Batman and Spiderman are many little ones’ heroes. Have some fun creating marbled chocolate shards for this impressive Spiderman cake, or make sure you buy plenty of black food colouring if you’re attempting the Batman cake.


2. Digger Cake

If you’re not that confident at cake decorating, but you have a little boy or girl who just loves diggers, you’re in luck. This digger cake lets you incorporate mistakes into the design! 


3. Star Wars Cake

Arm yourself not with the right light sabre, but instead with the right cookie cutters, and you’ll be able to create this Star Wars cake with ease. May the force be with you.

4. Chocolate Cake with More Chocolates

This is a cake for if they are growing out of themed cakes, but you still want to make a ‘wow’ statement. This really is chocolate decadence with a chocolate cake piled high with their favourite chocolates. 

5. Gummy Bear Cake

Whether for a teddy bear’s picnic or simply because they adore gummy bears, this gummy bear cake is a winner. Be prepared for the oohs and ahhs when you cut the first slice!


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6. Bowling Cake

It seems that childhood isn’t complete without at least one bowling party! Match the theme with a bowling cake!

7. Paw Patrol Cake

For little ones who love the show, a Paw Patrol cake is a must-have. Make it easier for yourself by using simple icing decorations and then using Paw Patrol toy figures to finish off the effect. 

8. Minecraft Cake

Ensure you have a sharp knife and a ruler and you’ll be able to create this stunning Minecraft cake. There won’t be so much building going on here, as destroying once the kids get hold of it. 
Image source: http://nashvillesweets.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/IMG_1794.jpg

9. Lego Cake

Lego is often the mainstay of a child's  toy box, so treat them with this fantastic Lego cake. Like with the Minecraft cake, you’ll need to focus on the straight edges of each Lego brick for a great looking result. 

10. Avengers Cake

Whether it’s mighty Thor or the green giant Hulk who is their favourite, this Avengers cake will appeal to any superhero fan. 


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11. Pokemon Cake

You’ll need a spherical cake tin to create this Pokemon cake, but the overall effect is sure to amaze your young audience. Perfect for a Pokemon party.

12. Fortnite Cake

One option with a Fortnite cake is to get a Fortnite printed icing sheet. However, if you want to go a bit different then let your creativity loose with this Fortnite cake which your young soldier will love.

13. Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

It’s a classic but still hugely loved, Thomas the Tank Engine is the favourite character of many younger boys and girls. Use their age as the shape of the cake to create a track for their favourite engine in this Thomas the Tank Engine cake.

14. Ninjago Cake

Simple but effective, this Ninjago cake will take pride of place on any birthday party table.

15. Tank Cake

We love the way Oreos are incorporated into the design of this tank cake. Pop on some toy soldiers and you have a tank battle scene that will be almost too good to eat.

There are even more scrumptious cake ideas in our other post 15 Creative Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls and Boys

There are some fantastic themes to play with when it comes to choosing your son’s next birthday cake. Make striking statements taste delicious with these creative cake ideas for boys.

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