14 Egg-citing Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Easter egg decoration ideas

The Easter Holidays are upon us, and little hands need entertaining to keep out of mischief. Easter is such a fabulous time of year, full of excitement and anticipation of warmer days, spring flowers, and - of course - chocolate. Decorating eggs is a wonderful way to get crafty together, possibly enjoy a few tasty and healthy by-products along the way, and give the home an Easter lift. Even better, by involving the children in the fun, many of these Easter Egg decorations can come out year after year, bringing back happy memories.


1. Simply Fun Dyed Eggs

For healthy Easter Holiday lunches, and for adding a splash of colour to your dining table, have fun making some simple dyed eggs.

1 Plain Dyed Eggs 

2. Crazy Cress Egg Heads

Have lots of fun with googly eyes and felt tips, and let them create Mum, Dad, Granny and Grandpa out of eggs, and let their imaginations run wild.  Find details here.

3 Egg Cress Heads

3. Funky Easter Egg People

If the Cress Egg Heads aren’t enough, then make whole characters using free printables from Mr Printables and felt or permanent pens.

4 Funky Easter Egg People

4. Wonderful Washi Tape Egg Designs

A simple way to create stylish egg decorations is to use some washi tape in your children’s favourite patterns and colours. If you do these on blown dyed eggshells, then they can become part of your permanent Easter decorating collection.

5 Washi Tape Eggs

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5. Go Natural with Leaf Dyed Easter Eggs

Spring seems the perfect time to bring the outside in, so take your little ones on a hunt to find some small flat leaves to bring home and create their own beautiful creations. Click here to find out how. 

 6 Leaf Dyed Eggs

6. Dinosaur Boiled Eggs for a Roarariffic Lunch Time

If you have trouble getting your youngsters to eat anything ‘normal’, then trick them into a healthy lunchtime by letting them munch down their very own dinosaur boiled eggs.

7 Dinosaur Eggs

7. Have Fun with Colours with Dip Dyed Eggs

If you’re teaching pre-schoolers their colours, or simply want a little scientific colour experimentation and creativity, then dip-dying eggs leads to fun eye-catching designs that are simple to achieve.

8 Dip Dyed Eggs

8. Brilliantly Easy Decoupage Eggs

Don’t let the lingo bewilder you, decoupage is really just gluing, and we all know how much kids love to get messy with the sticky stuff. The beauty of this technique is that you can use tissue paper, paper napkins, scraps of fabric, whatever you have to hand, and even the smallest family members can create an artwork. Find details here.

9 Decoupage

9. Spotty Sparkly Eggs

Looking elegantly beautiful, surprisingly easy, and a brilliant way to use up that leftover glitter from Christmas, we love these Spotty Sparkly Eggs.

 11 Spotty Sparkly Eggs

10. Learn About Food with Naturally Dyed Eggs

Kids just love cooking up a storm, and getting them to create natural dyes for their eggs is a brilliant way of inspiring a love of cooking whilst also teaching them about the properties of food. Plus, no artificial nasties here.

12 Naturally Dyed Eggs

11. Tot-Friendly Speckled Eggs

If you’ve got little tots keen to get in on the egg decorating action, then speckled eggs can be created and still look beautiful, even with help from the clumsiest hands. Make sure you choose some non-toxic age-appropriate paint.

 13 Speckled Eggs

 12. Terrific Tattoo Eggs

This one will wow you – you can make your child’s egg their new favourite food simply by adding a temporary tattoo. As easy as popping on the child themselves, you can have fantastically fun eggs in moments.

 17 Tattoo Eggs

13. Memory Making with Fingerprint Eggs

Little fingers love to get messy, and we love to keep a record of those precious moments, so combine the two and create these wonderful fingerprint eggs.

 18 Fingerprints

14. Ninja Turtle Easter Eggs

These easy-to-make Ninja Turtle eggs are sure to be a hit with little fans.

19 Ninja Turtle Eggs





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