What Will It Cost?

What You Pay Your Childcarer 

When you book childcare with Sitters, you pay the childcarer direct for their time at the end of the booking. We ask parents to pay for a minimum of 3 hours (4 hours on 'busy dates'), regardless of how short the booking is. Your childcarer keeps 100% of what you pay them at the end of the booking.

Professional babysitters’ hourly rates of pay

Sitters Membership & Booking Fees

Being a member of Sitters gives you the freedom to book carefully vetted, professional childcare online, whenever and wherever you need it.

Membership costs £14.95 per quarter (that's just over £1 per week for peace of mind). There's no commitment and you can cancel at any time.

Booking fees are charged per booking filled:

  • Evening bookings (starting after 6pm)  - £4 
  • Daytime bookings (starting before 6pm) - £6
  • Bookings away from home - £6
  • Last minute bookings (less than 36 hours' notice) - £6
  • Bookings lasting 8-24 hours - £6

For new members, membership and booking fees are charged to your card only after your booking has taken place. 

 Carer & toddler pano