What will it cost?

Membership and booking fees

There is a quarterly membership fee of £14.95 which is payable only after your first booking has taken place.

This membership fee includes:

  • Our easy-to-use, 24-7, online booking system - tell us when and where and we do all the work for you
  • Peace of mind that every sitter you meet has been personally interviewed by us, reference checked and we have verifed their work history and experience
  • Access to the best babysitters in your area

For each booking, you are charged a nominal fee of £4 (£6 for daycare, for last minute bookings and for bookings away from your usual home address). This booking fee covers the administration costs of matching your requirements to available babysitters and processing the booking.

Hourly rates - what you pay the babysitter at the end of your booking

When you book childcare with Sitters, you pay the childcarer for her time at the end of the booking (Sitters.co.uk are not responsible for paying the childcarers, nor do we take any fees from the childcarers).  We ask parents to pay for a minimum of 3 hours, regardless of how short the booking is.

Find out about the babysitter rates in your area today by entering your postcode into our simple online price-checking tool:

Professional babysitters’ hourly rates of pay