About Sitters

Sitters was created by parents, for families like yours...

One of the biggest hurdles any parent has to overcome is allowing someone else to care for their children. You won’t be alone if you feel slightly anxious booking a babysitter for the first time. Thousands of parents have told us that's exactly how they felt when making new childcare arrangements. Over the years we found these same parents have told us how their concerns melted away as soon as they met their first Sitters childcarer.

We established Sitters in 1999 first and foremost to find evening childcare for our own growing family. For many years our eldest two boys were the faces on Sitters advertising. We were both Sitters founders … and our first customers! So it was of the utmost importance to us that we set the highest standards when it came to selecting childcarers to work with Sitters – and look after our boys.

Allen family

Sitters was founded in 1999 by Lucie and Stephen Allen when they needed babysitters for their growing family

Over the last two decades we have booked Sitters on hundreds of occasions. We have a small group of regular Sitters at home in Dorset and we’ve also met wonderful babysitters as far afield as London, Nottingham, Cumbria, Scotland and while on holiday in Cornwall.

In 1999 Sitters started life as a telephone based service but gradually clients have made Sitters.co.uk their first choice for booking childcare online. The Sitters website gives you the possibility to make your bookings 24/7 whenever it is convenient. Often you’ll find your babysitter is confirmed by email within just a few minutes.

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History and trust

In 2006 Sitters merged with Childminders of London, a long established babysitting service, which had been in continuous operation since 1967. Today Sitters.co.uk has more experience than anyone in finding suitable childcare for your family. Over five decades we have filled millions of individual childcare appointments – both evening babysitting and daycare in the family home. During that time we’ve supplied childcarers to some of the very biggest names in pop and rock, comedians, footballers, TV celebs and politicians. All have one thing in common – they all want the very best care for their children.

Complete peace of mind

Sitters has been trusted by parents since 1967 and we're passionate about offering you the very best childcare available. Register with Sitters today and Britain’s favourite babysitters are yours whenever you need them.

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