Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which a website might place on to a website user's computer hard drive. The website would use this text file to store a small bit of information which will make the user's experience of the website better if it were still available the next time the user visits that site. Only the webserver that sets the cookie can read it again and the file itself is given an expiry date so that they will automatically be deleted at the specified time in the future.

A cookie is not software or a program and hence can not "run" on your computer. Cookies are not a way by which viruses or spyware spread.

How do we use cookies?

We use three main cookies on this site:

  1. Each time we create a cookie we give it a number and this number is stored in the cookie, if the visitor subsequently logs in or registers on the website this number is stored against your customer record. We do this so that the next time you come to the site we can log you in again and show you any products you added to basket last time. We also record the products you were interested so that we can use the data to make better recomendations to other users.
  2. Some offers are available to existing account holders only. We will ask you for your account reference and then use a cookie to store it. Later in your visit, when you reach the shopping basket, we will be able to check the cookie and then apply the special offer.
  3. Ironically, the third way we use cookies is to remember whether we have told you we use them or not. When a visitor comes to the site we inform that that we use cookies and that this explanation you are reading exists. Once the visitor has read that and accepted that they understand our cookie use we store a flag in a cookie so that we know not to bother the visitor with this again.

Any other cookies?

Yes. We use Google Analytics to record the number of visits people make to our website and other associated statistics, this data helps us to build a better website for our customers. The data stored in Google Analytics is entirely anonymous.

Can I use this website with cookies turned off?

Not really, you will be able to browse through our products and other content but if you wish to make a purchase or access your account then we will need to use a cookie.

How do I turn cookies off or delete them?

To understand how to get better control of cookies on your system we suggest you go to www.AboutCookies.Org, they have lots of up-to-date information about how to manage cookies in the latest internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.