We have 3 childcarers in the KY postcode area available for babysitting in Ky13 and a further 53 in neighbouring postcode areas.

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Reviews about local Sitters childcarers...

Allison continues to provide an excellent service to our family, the children are very attached to her and she is our firm favourite. an excellent ambassador and asset to the Sitters Team. Thanks from all the Nutman family.

Mr N, Kirkcaldy, KY2

Fiona arrived at our house well prepared and within minutes was building a good rapport with our three children, chatting with them and teaching them some good games that she had brought with her. She also brought some books that our children loved and kindly left one or two behind until next time. My husband and I needed one night out for dinner and were really struggling with bedtimes and routine having been travelling the last few weeks. By the time we got home all the children had been happily tucked up in bed and were fast asleep which gave us a much needed break.

Mrs F, Fife, KY16

We have been so pleased to have had Allison babysit for our two little ones on a few occasions now. With her bubbly personality we know they are in safe hands! They have slept soundly while she has been in change but I am quite certain they would have great fun with Allison if they were old enough to still be up when she was here! Thanks Allison - you're a star!

Mrs C, Fife, KY9