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Reviews about local Sitters childcarers...

Sandra was absolutely lovely, and really brilliant with my 2 year old son. She let me know in plenty of time that she was coming, and she got along great with my son as soon as she got in the door. She was very confident and experienced and I felt very relaxed about leaving him in her care. She was also good enough to go out to the garden and let him play there for a while which was much nicer and more stimulating for him than to just watch TV for the whole time. A lovely warm and competent lady who did a wonderful job. Would recommend her to anyone.

Ms M, Croydon, CR0

Vanessa was the first sitter we've had for our baby. He's 5 months old. I had to work away from home that day, but my husband was working in the next room. He said h could hear our son giggling and talking with Vanessa the whol time she was here. My husband is very shy as he said he immediately felt comfortable meeting Vanessa for the first time. Our son immediately warned to her. If she's good enough for him, she's good enough for us. . We're already planning to book Vanessa again!

Mrs R, Surrey, CR3

We met Albana for the first time yesterday. She took care of our 13 month old all day while I worked in another part of the house. She was great with him. She was very attentive and kept him well entertained. Half way through the day our son had his vaccination shots and he was a bit poorly during the afternoon. Albana did a great job keeping him comforted and happy. She was also a fountain of good advice - offered only when I asked :) I would absolutely book Albana again.

Mrs R, Surrey, CR3