We have 30 childcarers in the CB postcode area available for babysitting in CB21 and a further 268 in neighbouring postcode areas.

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Reviews about local Sitters childcarers...

Tricia called well in advance of her sitting which we always prefer, and she then arrived early so we had plenty of time for my son to get used to her. Although our boy grumbled for a minute when I said goodbye, Tricia was soon singing songs and reading stories with him, which he loves, so he was happy after that. Tricia is clearly very experienced with children both personally and professionally which is reassuring, in addition to which when we were sorting ourselves out at the start she spent some time knitting on the sofa was very calming too! Shall definitely book again.

Ms R, Cambridge, CB24

Philippa was a great babysitter and we d definitely hire her again. She got on well with the children and was so friendly and fun. We had a meeting at our house and needed someone to look after our almost 2 year old and 4 year old downstairs. The children immediately took to Philippa and enjoyed showing her all their playdoh creations! She fed them dinner and entertained them until bedtime. When she left my son asked if she could come back and play with them again. A great first experience using Sitters, thank you!

Dr B, Cambridge, CB4

Michelle was really easy going with my boys. You could immediately tell she's professionally involved in looking after children. My eldest son is normally very shy but chose to let her put him to bed and was, apparently, quite chatty! The next morning, he gave her 10/10. I found her very easy to talk to - maybe too nice to chat to as I nearly forgot to pay her! I would be delighted to have her back again, especially as she's local, has children of a similar age herself and works with young ones.

Mrs M, Cambridge, CB23