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We have 0 babysitters available in the ML postcode area and a further 44 in neighbouring postcode areas.

Sitters provides qualified and experienced childcarers to look after your children, at your home, when you need to go out, both during the evening and during the day. All Sitters child minders have experience working in professional childcare roles, most are OFSTED Registered Childminders or qualified Nursery Nurses. For your reassurance we meet all the child carers in person at interview and carefully check their references. We also receive continuous feedback from parents telling us about the babysitters they have met through Sitters.

Here’s what other parents have been telling us about Sitters childcarers in and around Carluke.

Elizabeth is a lovely lady who is super with my children. She has been a real godsend for me as has allowed me to work secure in the knowledge that my children would be well cared for and stimulated through play. Would highly recommend Sitters and Elizabeth to friends.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

What a fantastic lady. Both children took to her straight away and I went off to work happy in the knowledge that the children would be well cared for and happy. Hope Barbara will sit again for us I know the children would love it.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

The children loved Barbara who provides hours of educational play & learning.Its great to know that whilst I am working the children are in excellent safe hands.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

Fiona was super, both children enjoyed having her look after them. Let mum have a night off and an evening out knowing the children were safe and happy.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

Is a super person who the children love. Hope Barbara comes back as she is such a lovely caring person who has enriched the children lives.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

Yet again Linda provided an excellent service. We wished we had found her months ago. Just a pity we are moving from the area as the children loved her.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

A super lady who the children took to straight away, We would love her to come again.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

Brilliant as ever and the children enjoyed their day Thank you.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

She was on time, cheerful, and made friends with my daughter right away.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

Another lovely lady who the children loved.

Mrs M, Airdrie, ML6

Regina lived with us as an au-pair to our then three year old daughter. At all times, Regina was incredibly personable, professional and engaged. She had sole responsibility for Eva two days a week and undertook frequent babysitting. My daughter built a strong bond with Regina and it was an absolute pleasure to have her stay with us for that year. She's a fantastic individual with lots of hands on experience in dealing with children, and at all times was enthusiastic, caring and mature in her approach. I would thoroughly recommend her for any babysitting activity. Ms L Nieboer. W12.

Previous Employer,

NIchola was brilliant and has gone straight onto my shortlist of preferred sitters. My 6yr old daughter has suddenly developed an aversion to me going out, having had sitters with no problems all her life. So I was hugely relieved that Nichola turned up really early (giving us all time to settle little one down) and that she was so friendly, unrufflable and approachable. The kids warmed to her straightaway, and apparently even when my daughter got out of bed and was upset, Nichola's reactions soothed her and prevented it from turning into more of a problem. She was absolutely great.

Ms B, London, SW2

Robyn was AMAZING! It was literally a magical experience. Our little one, doesn't take to strangers very easily, and Robyn was already BFFs with her in under 2 minutes. The whole process and the experience was so incredibly nice, that we couldn't believe it. Robyn is an extremely positive, constructive and fun person, and we found her to be trust-worthy. Our daughter was so happy to spend time with her, and we realized that Robyn had even thought her some new games & songs. Robyn also cleared up the play space for us. We will MOST certainly be looking forward to seeing Robyn again.

Mr B, Surrey, TW9

Alicia was my daughter's key worker when she attended the local childminder service. She was reassuring when my daughter first started and I found her response to my concerns displayed a genuine understanding and caring nature. After my daughter left the childminder's I continued to use Alicia as a babysitter because I was extremely happy with the high quality of care she provided for my daughter. Her high level of committment and professionalism to her work along with her genuine love and patience for children makes her a perfect candidate for any position with children. Ms K Compton SE23.

Previous Employer,

Susan (Sue) was our first experience of Sitters and the first time we had left our daughter with a 'stranger'. We need not have worried. She was very friendly and our daughter warmed to her immediately. We had total confidence in her and we came home having had a enjoyable night out. We have barely gone out since our daughter was born 20 months ago due to the difficulties of finding a babysitter. We are now excited about reclaiming our social life and look forward to booking Sue again for an event we have in two weeks time, safe in the knowledge that our daughter will be in very good hands.

Mrs B, Godalming, GU8

Michelle came to sit for us on late notice on a Saturday which was very helpful! It was our first time using sitters and we were really pleased. Michelle was good at communicating before she arrived, and she arrived on time. We asked her to stay for and extra hour and a half and she said this was no problem at all. She was very imterested in the children and spent a lot of time upstairs reading and chatting to them before we left, and then read a couple more stories after we left, they liked her and we felt at ease. We will definitely be using sitters again, and hopefully Michelle!

Mrs N, London, SE22

Ruth was a great baby sitter, arrived on time inspired us with confidence because of her own confidence and friendliness to us and our 3 children, she had too put the two older one's to bed and she wasn't phased at this at all, made us feel very comfitable about leaving her with our 3 children, She texted us to let us know every thing was ok after a couple of hours and the kids were sound asleep, she was very friendly and upbeat when we arrived her, made us feel special. !! She was an exceptional baby sitter and we would love to have her as our first choice as a future baby sitter.

Mr B, Slough, SL3

My impression of Linda is that she is a mature and reliable lady, with a calm and friendly approach to the service she provides. Because she is a mother herself she can also empathise with the customer's situation and anticipates the needs we have. She was the first babysitter from Sitters we met and I fell for her empathetic approach to reassuring me - a first time mother with a 3 month old baby I was leaving for the first time of his life with someone I had not previously met. She also handled the challenge of dealing with two babies under the age of 6 months in a very good way.

Mrs O, London, W4

This was the second time we have had jacqui and my children were so happy to see her return. Again she called to confirm. She was here before I was due to leave. This was the first time all my children were awake and she was so natural with them. She's just great. She even text me to reassure me they were settled and in bed. When I came back they were all happy. The two little ones tucked up in bed and my eldest awaiting for me to arrive home. She interacted with them , read to them . Look after them .smiles all around . We will definitely request her again . Thank you so much x.

Ms S, Cale Street, SW3

Ava is exceptional. We have had many sitters from different agencies over t he past several years and Ava was the only one who could handle our very de manding 5 year old and our quiet 1 year old . Many sitters get overwhelmed or are too stern. She found the perfect balance and has developed a comfort able relationship with our children going on 3 years now. My 5 year old ask s if we can invite her to important events like Christmas and his birthday party. The children view her as one of the family. She also is available wi th very little notice which works great for our fami ly.

Mrs C, Solihull, B92

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