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Pay nothing until after you have used Sitters - guaranteed. A booking
fee (£4-£6) and quarterly membership fee (£14.95) will only be
charged to your credit card after your booking has taken place.

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Read reviews of approved Sitters local to you:

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Having never used sitters before, I was quite apprehensive about using a babysitter I had never met to look after my almost three year old little boy. However, on arrival I immediately trusted Helen and I felt totally comfortable leaving her in charge. I felt reassured by the fact that she has children of her own and a great deal of experience with children of all ages. We will definitely be booking her again. My son was actually in bed and asleep when Helen arrived but I am sure he would be very happy to be looked after by her if he was awake! Mrs Davies, Wandsworth.

Mrs D, London, SW18

Having used a number of wonderful sitters through sitters.co.uk who I would highly recommend and welcome back back into my home- Jennifer is without doubt the most outstanding sitter I have used. From the second she arrived she bonded with my 7 month old baby boy and made him and I feel comfortable in her company. When I arrived home from my appointment my son was happy and content in Jennifer's care - I would love to keep Jennifer just to myself and my children as she she obviously has a real bond and understanding of children and their needs - thank you Jennifer..

Mr H, London, SW6

Ilse was my first "sitters" baby sitter and I am slightly paranoid mother who was terrified of leaving my child let alone with a stranger! As soon as she walked through the door Ilse put me at ease and i felt happy about leaving my son with her for the evening. she said i was very welcome to call or text her half way throug the evening to see how things were and, of course, everything was fine! I would definitely use her again and now feel much more confident about being able to get a bit of a life back again and accept invites to go out rather than refuse them!

Mrs D, London, SW18