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We have 390 babysitters available in the SW postcode area and a further 2341 in neighbouring postcode areas.

Sitters provides qualified and experienced childcarers to look after your children, at your home, when you need to go out, both during the evening and during the day. All Sitters child minders have experience working in professional childcare roles, most are OFSTED Registered Childminders or qualified Nursery Nurses. For your reassurance we meet all the child carers in person at interview and carefully check their references. We also receive continuous feedback from parents telling us about the babysitters they have met through Sitters.

Here’s what other parents have been telling us about Sitters childcarers in and around SW11.

NIchola was brilliant and has gone straight onto my shortlist of preferred sitters. My 6yr old daughter has suddenly developed an aversion to me going out, having had sitters with no problems all her life. So I was hugely relieved that Nichola turned up really early (giving us all time to settle little one down) and that she was so friendly, unrufflable and approachable. The kids warmed to her straightaway, and apparently even when my daughter got out of bed and was upset, Nichola's reactions soothed her and prevented it from turning into more of a problem. She was absolutely great.

Ms B, London, SW2

This was the second time we have had jacqui and my children were so happy to see her return. Again she called to confirm. She was here before I was due to leave. This was the first time all my children were awake and she was so natural with them. She's just great. She even text me to reassure me they were settled and in bed. When I came back they were all happy. The two little ones tucked up in bed and my eldest awaiting for me to arrive home. She interacted with them , read to them . Look after them .smiles all around . We will definitely request her again . Thank you so much x.

Ms S, Cale Street, SW3

Last night was our first time using Sitters and we just wanted to say how impressed we were with Sylvia; she has a lovely disposition, very bright and bubbly, very reassuring. I liked the way she picked up on little things about Jules just from just one quick meeting (that he is very active and has a strong back and neck) which shows she is observant. I also liked how she came prepared with her own study to do which shows she has a good work ethic. We felt completely secure about leaving our boy with her (even though he didn't wake up in the end!) and would easily have her again.

Ms D, London, SW1P

Lorna was lovely, she turned up a little early which was very welcome as our little boy had just developed a temperature! She was very friendly and reassuring and was reassuring and friendly whilst I gave him some calpol and assessed his response. After his fever decreased though I was a little worried about leaving him I was more than confident in Lorna's ability, she was very keen to help. He didn't wake up whilst I was out but the interaction he had with Lorna before he went to bed was very friendly and sensitive and I am sure she would have coped with any awakenings very efficiently.

Dr H, London, SW17

We had our first sitter session with Philippa just before Christmas and found the experience brilliant! She was prompt arriving and great with our little boy before he went down - giving him a cuddle so they could get to know each other. Chatting with her we realised she was very experienced and very passionate about child care which put us at ease. She then text us to let us know when our little one finally went to sleep and didn't bat an eyelid when we were slightly late arriving home. I thoroughly recommend using Philippa and will be looking to use her again for ourselves.

Mr W, London, SW18

Nancy came to us for the first time on a tricky day when our son, who has recently started school, had been sent home with ear ache. He was naturally extra clingy and I was nervous about whether we would/ should make it out. Nancy put my mind at rest straight away. She bonded with him quickly, got him engaged easily, observed his toys carefully and chose to play the sort of games he absolutely loves. She was calm, professional and warm. We not only made it out, but were relaxed and confident being there. We hope to have Nancy again if her other regulars don't beat us to it!

Mrs T, London, SW4

Lorraine is a complete star! Our usually sunny 19 month old little girl was full of cold and had had a tricky week at her new nursery. Consequently, she was utterly disconsolate when she realised that we were going out! In fact, if we hadn't been going to a dear friend's daughter's wedding, I would have stayed home! As it was, we had complete confidence in Lorraine who settled her swiftly and texted us through the afternoon and evening, which meant I could relax and enjoy what was a long stint for any sitter! She is warm, professional and inspires trust. Highly recommended!

Ms K, London, SW18

Apologies for the time it's taken to write our feedback, we've had 3 lots of tonsillitis and now the holiday's so I haven't been keeping up to date with my emails. We thought Angelica was fabulous. Having only had 'Granny' babysitting our 2 boys previously I was apprehensive how they would take to a new sitter who they had not met before but i really had nothing to worry about. Angelica was warm, friendly and great with the boys. She read to them and they enjoyed her company and obviously felt very relaxed. The next morning they said they would love to see her again! Thankyou!

Mrs R, London, SW4

Gisela arrived just when our son 6 year old Marco was crying bitterly and protesting that we were going out. She somehow worked the oracle and calmed him down by producing a bag of trick E0 la Mary Poppins that captured his attention and we were able to slip out unnoticed. She then played with him so effectively that she was able to put him to bed and we were able to go to dinner after our drinks reception at 6 pm. We would have no hesitation in using Gisela again and would like to put her to the top of our list as our son would be happy to have her babysit again.

Mr H, Flat, SW7

Maria Goretti, call 1 hore before that she arrives to let me know that she will be soon at my home, she was our firts experience with a babysitter and was great, my baby was sleeping when she arrived and I had the oportunity to talk to her, she is very kind, polite, and have a lot of experience with babies, that makes me feel better, because I was a little nervous lo leave my baby. When the baby weak up, she immediately start to playing with him, that was very nice. I definitely recommend her, and will be very happy to have her again taking care of my baby.

Mrs R, London, SW5

Elizabeth was our first babysitter from sitters.co.uk and she was really lovely! She turned up nice and early so she could get to know our little girl (14 months) before she went to bed and wasn't at all put off by the fact that we live in a barracks. She made a real effort to 'bond' with our daughter and had no difficulty at all dealing with the fact that she was a little unsettled during the evening due to a cold. She also sent us a text during the evening to let us know everything was alright, which was really reassuring. Can't wait for the next booking!

Mrs S, London, SW1E

Nancy is an incredible sitter. She put me, and my baby, at ease as we'd never used a babysitting service before. My daughter was very happy with her and she barely noticed me leave or my return as she'd fallen in love with Nancy! I couldn't believe that Nancy managed to get her to drink her milk, eat her lunch and even have a nap - her experience with babies and young children shone through. I particularly appreciated that she texted me to let me know how my daughter was doing. I will use Nancy again and will have no hesitation recommending her to others.

Miss N, London, SW17

This is the first time that I have left my son with anyone other than a family member or at nursery, this was all rather an emergency and short notice. Helen turned up on time and she was quietly confident. I was worried that my little boy would be tearful, crying and screaming etc, nothing of the sort. As far as I can tell they spent a very happy morning together playing infact when I left the house, I got a cheerful bye-bye mummy! I would have no hesitation in recommending Helen and should I need her services again then I would definitely use her.

Miss D, London, SW16

Josephine is absolutely lovely! She was the first person that Sitters sent to us and instantly dispelled our concerns about using an online service. She is patient, entertaining and cares very genuinely about kids. Our daughter loves her company and is quite happy playing with her at home and in the park. Josephine is mindful to follow our instructions to the letter, is very careful about safety and always has our daughter say her "please"s and "thank you"s. We are extremely happy with her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Josephine to others.

Dr B, London, SW6

Yasmin came for the first time to us and was excellent. Usually our 3 year old son is very upset when we leave him with a sitter, crying and so on, but Yasmin's childcare experience (she works in a nursery) was evident, as she immediately calmed him down by playing with Thomas, Edward and knew all of the trains and also knew all the Cars names. She also got him to eat all of his dinner, brush his teeth and got him in to bed on time and then texted me to let me know everything was fine, which meant I could relax and enjoy my night out.

Mr G, London, SW3

Patricia baby set our 21 months toddler girl and arrived whilst C was still awake which is unusual, as we usually aim at her being asleep by the time we go out in the evening and the baby siting starts. C took to her immediately and we were very reassured by how comfortable she was with Patricia. I also noted that Patricia took the initiative of asking the where about of things as nappy and nappy changer which is not usual with the babysitters we have been using. Overall an extremely positive experience one we hope to repeat often.

Mrs L, London, SW11

Emma was very punctual and really kind with our daughter. We left the house very confident that everything would be fine, and indeed it did. Emma put our baby to sleep with any trouble and we found our daughter relaxed and sound asleep when we came back home. Icing on the cake, Emma speaks perfect French in addition to English, which helped in the communication with our daughter who is mostly used to hearing French. We will be very happy to have Emma work again for us and will undoubtebly request her for our next sitting session.

Mr P, London, SW5

We are on holiday in London for 2 weeks and had sitters.co.uk recommended to us by many people. Our baby sitter was Olgicia, she was on time and immediately connected with our 3 children aged 9 to 7. Very warm, very kind and the kids took to her straight away. She came prepared with 'reward stickers' so we felt immediately confident that she would be in charge and not them and that bedtime would go as smoothly as if we were there! The kids are now asking when she can come again. Such a great service and highly recommend Olgicia.

Mrs B, London, SW7

As soon as Alzbeta arrived she was very proactive in offering to help with the children and 'switched on' as to what needed doing. It was apparent from the get go that she had lots of experience which was very reassuring - she handled the whims and demands of my two year old son in particular very well. It was also great to receive a text while I was out to let me know that all was well on the home front - she obviously understands that parents appreciate this added reassurance. We will definitely look to book Alzbeta again.

Mrs A, London, SW6

Esther babysat for my 8 month old daughter recently. I booked her for 6 hours and she needed to feed her and put her to bed. I was nervous as it was the first time I had let a babysitter do that. I needn't have worried though as Esther was relaxed, confident and put me at ease immediately. Esther sent me updates via text through the evening to say that Sienna was happy, had eaten and when she had gone to sleep. I couldn't have asked for more and would feel very happy using Esther again and recommending her to anyone else.

Ms L, London, SW8

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