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We have 205 babysitters available in the N1 postcode area and a further 2157 in neighbouring postcode areas.

Sitters provides qualified and experienced childcarers to look after your children, at your home, when you need to go out, both during the evening and during the day. All Sitters child minders have experience working in professional childcare roles, most are OFSTED Registered Childminders or qualified Nursery Nurses. For your reassurance we meet all the child carers in person at interview and carefully check their references. We also receive continuous feedback from parents telling us about the babysitters they have met through Sitters.

Here’s what other parents have been telling us about Sitters childcarers in and around N1C.

Helen looked after my 3 children, 13, 10 and 8 for the first time and from the moment she turned up I knew everything would be fine as she was friendly, confident and immediately started a conversation with my kids. I left for my night out feeling I had nothing to worry about and I was right. The next day when I asked the children what they thought of Helen, they said 'She was really nice - the best babysitter we've ever had!', which given we have had quite a few lovely babysitters, is praise indeed. We hope she will return to babysit for us again.

Mrs F, London, N10

When my childminder called in sick again I was slightly stressed as to how I was going to get all my work done whilst entertaining a 3 year old for the day - so I booked sitters and Carmen arrived. She immediately engaged with my daughter and got stuck right into each game - over five hours of playing with her, took her to the playground and even chatted about healthy eating to her over lunch. My daughter had a brilliant day (she slept well that night!) and I got my work done. We're all looking forward to her coming to babysit again!

Mr S, London, N10

We knew as soon as Klara arrived that everything would be all right - she was very capable, very kind, very approachable and got straight into doing some sticking with my daughter. It was the first time we'd left our toddler with a stranger and he was quite cross - but Klara knew how to distract and engage him, and he went happily to sleep (and we stopped hovering anxiously round the corner and went out for dinner, thanks to helpful texts). We're looking forward to Klara babysitting again, and will hopefully go out more often now!

Ms P, London, N8

It was lovely to see Maxine after 5 years' of a break with Sitters (we no longer need to have an au pair in the house). She is full of enthusiasm and engages with our two children. Last week she helped with the homework and watched TV with my daughter. She was very relaxed about when we came back from our dinner, so we could enjoy the evening out without worrying about rushing back. You might need to give her clear instruction about the kids' bed times (as these can sometimes slip), but I would recommend Maxine to other families.

Mrs R, London, N10

Sopiko was the first babysitter we left our now 4 month old daughter with and we were really pleased with how calm and caring she is, her childcare experience shows. Georgia settled with her without any difficulty even though she is usually quite clingy. Our 4 year old son is quite shy but Sopiko won him over. Sopiko has looked after our children on several occasions now and is always on time and reliable. We would definitely recommend her for both young children and babies and she can handle more than one child expertly.

Ms T, London, N1

Angel is a. Delight. I feel so cOmfprtable with her. She is relaxed warm and friendly and it's obvious that she has a well experienced career of working with children. I feel so safe when she is,at home with my two and they feel happy to see her coming even if they hate us having to be away for an evening, Angel can read them stories and settle them to sleep ( I have never imahpging this as possible). I would highly recommend Angel and we are so grateful to sitters for introducing us. Thank you to both Angel and Sitters.

Mrs B, London, N16

Joshua was a very excited and happy little baby after 3 hours with Sue. She read him books, sang to him, fed his dinner and chatted to him (I know all this because I was upstairs finishing some urgent work and I could hear all this going on). Sue arrives on time (have used more than once), is so friendly and professional and most of all is loving towards my 8 month old baby boy. He was a very satisfied little customer. Thank you Sue!!! I've already used her again and recommended her to my friends.

Mrs C, London, N6

This was the first time we left our baby with anyone other than family, and Voulla was just perfect. She came exactly on time and had dinner, watched our night time routine and with our 1 yr old. We put her down and left for the evening. Like we had hoped Voulla didn't hear a peep from her. She got on well with our daughter and she was smiling and playing and our daughter was laughing and having a good time. We definitely will rebook Voulla the next time we go out, hopefully she will accept.

Mr S, London, N1

I am so delighted to of found Sonia! My daughter really liked her and instantly she engaged with her. My daughter was laughing and chatting right from the beginning which was so lovely to see as she doesn't warm to people straightaway and is always a little put out that we are going out with out her. We where able to go out for a lovely evening without worrying at all. Sonia is a lovely lady with a very warm personality and a lovely feel to her, she is going right to the top of our list!!

Miss H, London, N11

Nada babysat for our nearly 2 year old last night. We had to go before bedtime but it was no problem for her to put him to bed and our son immediately took to her. We haven't left him often with others to put him to bed due to family living far away so he was a bit upset when we left but Nada let us know after 5 minutes that he was happily playing and let us know when he was tucked up in bed. He woke up this morning full of beans so I feel very happy about how last night went.

Mrs J, London, N14

Sopiko was excellent. It was the first time we had used Sitters and she put us at ease immediately - she was very natural with our four year old daughter, and instantly made an effort to bond with her & played and coloured with her while we got ready. Our baby was slightly unwell while we were out, and she responded calmly and efficiently, making sure we were aware of the situation, keeping a close eye on him. I would be happy to use her again, and would highly recommend her!

Mrs W, London, N1

Margaret babysat for us in a hotel while we were in Brighton for weekend wi th our baby. So a slightly unusual situation for all of us, but Margaret wa s very friendly and unphased, which put us at ease. She texted ahead to mak e arrangements as to whether she should come to room or wait in reception. Luckily my daughter didn't wake up, but feel confident that Margaret would have handled it well if she had - she asked lots of sensible questions abou t what to do if she did.

Mrs C, London, N1

When I asked the children what they thought of Julia, they were eager to have her baby-sit again! They thought she was just lovely! Warm, gentle, fun and kind. Julia arrived on time and since she had our youngest, Zara, already engrossed in a story, we were able to get our selves ready to go, without the usual needy and clinginess that accompanies our evenings out. Our eldest, Hannah thought Julia was fabulous and is keen to have her babysit again. Thank you so much Julia!

Mrs N, London, N2

On time. Texted me during the day to tell me how baby was - very reassuring. She is friendly and great with the baby. Took him out to the park and around the garden. She genuinly liked being with him and she was so happy and smiley. Followed my instructions e.g. with sleep and feeding. Baby took bottle from her which is always a difficulty but she didn't have any problems. Baby was in such a good mood when I returned - she had a magic touch. Can't wait to have her back!

Mrs M, London, N1

Anne was our first babysitter through Sitters, and have to say she was fantastic, complete credit to the company. I have two boys aged 9 and 10, and she was very sensitive about going in their rooms and giving them their own space whilst they were getting ready for bed. The boys had been a bit nervous as Anne was new to us but in the morning said "She was very, very nice. Would highly recommend Anne, she has three of her own children so knew exactly what she was doing.

Mrs W, London, N3

We had a very positive experience with Charity. She was punctual, friendly, polite and attentive - most importantly, our daughter loved her. Throughout the night, she updated us on what was happening at home, which was great as it was the first sitter outside of a family member that my 9 month old had experienced and we were initially very nervous. Charity very quickly made us feel that our daughter was safe, secure and in very good hands. We would recommend her as a sitter.

Ms H, London, N19

Patience called ahead of our scheduled appointment to make sure all was well and that we were still going ahead with the booking. She arrived a little early to meet our son and put us immediately at our ease. When we called (as we were still waiting for tardy desserts), Patience encouraged us to relax and come once we'd finished rather than leaving the meal early to get home at the predetermined time. She made a potentially difficult first outing much, much easier.

Mrs R, London, N7

My 5 year old son loves julia!he was a bit uneasy about having a babysitter when we started using your service but as soon as julia walked through the door she put him at ease and now he has started asking for us to go out so julia can come and look after him! In fact on the second time julia sat for us he literally was pushing me out the door so that he and julia could get on with their craft work!I would thouroughly recommend julia to any family as a babysitter!

Ms K, London, N14

This was the first time we used Sitters so we were a bit apprehensive. Ilina arrived spot on time and very quickly made us feel confident that we made the right decision. The children instantly liked her and happily sent us off to our dinner. She texted to let us know the children were sleeping and gave us a lovely report on our return. The next morning the children confirmed that they had a lovely evening and would be happy to have Ilina sit for them again.

Mrs C, London, N8

Fatuma has an incredibly kind and warm demeanour, and I felt immediately comfortable leaving her with my daughter. My daughter was napping when she arrived, so I cannot comment on their first interaction, however it was clear my daughter had a great visit with Fatuma and she was very happy. Fatuma made an extra effort to ensure my daughter was very comfortable, happy and well rested during her visit. We will look forward to having her babysit for us again.

Mrs H, London, N1

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