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We have 205 babysitters available in the N1 postcode area and a further 2157 in neighbouring postcode areas.

Sitters provides qualified and experienced childcarers to look after your children, at your home, when you need to go out, both during the evening and during the day. All Sitters child minders have experience working in professional childcare roles, most are OFSTED Registered Childminders or qualified Nursery Nurses. For your reassurance we meet all the child carers in person at interview and carefully check their references. We also receive continuous feedback from parents telling us about the babysitters they have met through Sitters.

Here’s what other parents have been telling us about Sitters childcarers in and around N14.

Absolutely great. We were running late after being caught in bad traffic and snow. When she arrived to babysit the household was chaotic, she helped prepare the children's late tea and cleared up afterwards so husband and I could get out to our party. The children liked her and the evening went well.

Mrs M, London , N13

Maka was lovely, really good with the girls and they liked her very much. I would definitely recommend her and would ask for her again.

Dr C, London , N19

Angela was really good with both our kids - she was sensible and instantly understood what we needed. We would now like to put her on the top of our list for our choices.

Mrs R, London , N10

My children enjoyed having Jackie babysit as my older son knew her from school ! She didn't leave us with any concerns as she arrived on time and took care of our children. We would have no concerns having her babysit again. Thanks !

Mrs B, London , N12

We met Bharti for the first time this Saturday. She was very pleasant and professional. Our children warmed to her quickly and said they would be happy to have her babysit again. Many thanks Catherine.

Mrs S, London , N10

We had Beverley babysit for our children for the first time last night. She was a very pleasant lady, and very professional. She arrived on time, made an effort to get to know the children before we left so they were comfortable and happy. We would be more than happy for Beverley to babysit again and would recommend her to other Sitters members. Catherine Stalmanis.

Mrs S, London , N10

Funmi has babysat for us on quite a few occasions in the last year and a half. She is always very happy and calm and my children 5 and 7 thoroughly enjoy it when she comes.

Mrs S, London , N10

Annette seemed great. There weren't any issues or problems but I felt that she would certainly have been able to handle them if there had been.

Mrs G, London , N 1

Loren is great. She is very friendly and enthusiastic and really good with the children. Our youngest was protesting about us going out and Loren calmly took over and persuaded her to go with her without a backward glance.

Mrs G, London , N 1

Our children (9,7 and 5) really liked Vanessa and warmed to her straight away. She was great with them and very warm and friendly to all of us. We would very much like to have her again and would recommend her.

Mrs G, London , N 1

Maxine is very good. We have had her a few times and the children are always at ease with her straight away. She also always gets in touch early on her babysitting day to confirm, which I find helpful.

Mrs G, London , N 1

Helen was great. She called me in the morning to introduce herself, and was very punctual. She was lovely with the children (who are 10, 8 and 6) and seemed very kind. She sent us a text to update us on how they all were, and was just generally very friendly and polite as well as very good with the children.

Mrs G, London , N 1

Kim was fabulous with our girls. She's really friendly and fun with the children. She felt like a very safe pair of hands to leave them in.

Mrs V, London , N 1

Lesley was absolutely fantastic she turned up at short notice and was so personable and relaxed both my husband and I and more importantly the children loved her.

Mrs M, London , N10

Thank you for sending us Donna. My daughter really liked her and asked for her again. She was friendly and fun and we felt totally comfortable with her.

Mrs M, London , N 1

Prompt, happy, friendly, polite and most importantly she gets on fantastically with our children. It's very reassuring to know that the children are happy and well settled when we are out. We enthusiastically recommend her.

Miss S, London , N16

Stella is wonderful. the children adore her, she treats them with great respect and interest and they really look forward to seeing her. she is punctual, reliable, friendly, and top of our list.

Ms K, London , N 1

Denise babysat for us again (much to the excitement of our two girls) and it goes without saying I would thoroughly recommed Denise to others. She is caring and engaged with our kids.

Ms L, London , N 1

The girls love Carmen and are very excited when she comes over. I appreciate that she sends me a txt update when the girls are in bed. Our youngest, who can be a bit clingy sometimes was asking for her when she got up this morning.

Mrs A, London , N10

My girls (6 & 4) were immediately drawn to Haley and really enjoyed their evening with her, they have asked if she can babysit for us again.

Mrs A, London , N10

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