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We have 83 babysitters available in the E1 postcode area and a further 2155 in neighbouring postcode areas.

Sitters provides qualified and experienced childcarers to look after your children, at your home, when you need to go out, both during the evening and during the day. All Sitters child minders have experience working in professional childcare roles, most are OFSTED Registered Childminders or qualified Nursery Nurses. For your reassurance we meet all the child carers in person at interview and carefully check their references. We also receive continuous feedback from parents telling us about the babysitters they have met through Sitters.

Here’s what other parents have been telling us about Sitters childcarers in and around Victoria Docks.

We booked Angela after reading all her positive reviews on this site and she really was a brilliant as everyone says! She was so calm with our two year-old son at bedtime and he was (unusually for him, with a stranger) instantly very taken with Angela. When our 6 month-old daughter woke in the night, Angela settled her very quickly and without any problems (also not something we experience often at home!). She's most definitely a natural! I would have no hesitation in recommending Angela, and would love to use her again if we find ourselves in that part of England in the future.

Mrs M, London, E17

Annetta was very reliable. my 21 month old daughter is shy around people she has not met & cried as we left, Annetta texted me 5mins later to reassure me she was happily playing & from then on managed to calmly read her 5 stories (!!) & put her into bed without a fuss - amazing as this was the first time she had not been put t bed by us (we usually try to leave after she is in bed but a 90th birthday party necessitated an earlier start) Well done to Annetta for the capable way she look after E & for keeping me so well informed. I was able to relax & enjoy my night out.

Dr W, London, E11

Both my partner and I felt immediately at ease with Desiree. She has a real ly good, professional manner without being at all over-formal, and we're pr etty sure our son had a really good day with her. She immediately started t o build a bond with him and let us know how they were getting on by text, b oth of which put us at ease. It's the first time we've used Sitters/Desiree and whilst I'd like to say something bad (so that there's more chance she' ll be available when we need her), I couldn't possibly. She's a very nice l ady and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Mr B, London, E9

Haddy is lovely and made a real effort to get to know my children of 3 and 1 and engage with them. She arrived early for the booking to meet with me. Haddy paid good attention to everything they needed for day time care and asked good questions. I felt very happy leaving my daughter and son with her for the morning. When I returned everyone was very happy and had had fun and were well looked after. Haddy also helped me get my son settled for lunch before she left which really helped me. I will book her again!

Mrs N, London, E14

This is the first time I have used sitters.co.uk and we booked Desiree to look after our 2 year old boy for the whole evening. Desiree was super punctual and extremely friendly. Our boy took to her immediately and she engaged with him prior to his bedtime. I felt at ease and very comfortable leaving her in charge and she updated me half way through the evening. Desiree is very friendly, competent and warm and I would not hesitate to use her services again and recommend her whole-heartedly. Thanks!

Ms H, London, E17

Barbora is great. She understands the art of interacting with a young child. She is gentle, fun, engaging and intelligent. She is very creative in playing and offering reassurance. My children (3 and 15 months) warmed to her right away and the 3 year looks forward to seeing her. She keeps us posted on how the children are doing - which I tell her she need not do. She is that rare person who brings intelligence, enthusiasm and initiative to her work. And she is an interesting person.

Mr A, London, E14

I was very pleased with Titilope, it was our first time booking a babysitter for our 5-month old baby and I couldn't have been more happy with the result. She arrived early, immediately asked to wash her hands and held our baby who was very calmed to be in her arms. I left him sleeping and although he woke up a few times as he's teething, Titilope managed to calm him down and let us have a nice evening out. I would totally use her again and would recommend her. Thank you.

Mrs S, London, E1

Zdenka was really lovely. She arrived 10mins in advance to make sure she wo uld be properly explained what to do with the children. She kept calm and h elpful althought the children were crying a bit before we left and she mana ged to put them to sleep easily. She kept in touch and gave us some updates as the evening went on and was happy to baby sit one extra hour when we as ked if it was ok for us to come back a little later! thanks a lot Zdenka, w e had a great evening!

Mrs M, London, E17

Naima was great. It was the first time I had used the site and met her. She put my mind at ease as soon as she arrived. She immediately sprung into action to help! She understood my anxiety over leaving my 4 month old, and was interested in what I wanted her do in the time, and in following our routine. She texted me updates to let me know she was ok and settled. I would recommend her and will use again in the future. Thanks to Sitters and to Naima!

Mrs J, London, E18

Helen came to look after our 14 month old daughter for a few hours during the day. She instantly built a rapport with our little girl. She was very professional, punctual and amenable. Being the daytime, she had to entertain her, and appeared very happy to do so. I felt at ease to leave my daughter in Helen's capable and enthusiastic care. I received a few texts from Helen throughout the day, which an added extra and very reassuring.

Mrs F, London, E5

I was really pleased with Anna. She was happy to put my son to bed and did that with great enthusiasm and confidence. It came as a very pleasant surprise for me as I never knew a stranger could actually manage to put my boy to sleep with such ease! My son really enjoyed meeting her and has been asking if Anna is coming to read him a book ever since. I would certainly recommend her and would be keen to book her again.

Mrs P, London, E1W

Nadine was the first sitter that we've left our 7 week old with, but she was great. Even upon meeting Nadine I knew she would follow my instructions and let me know how our daughter was doing. Nadine took notes and kept track of how much breastmilk our daughter drank, which we actually didn't know specifically. She also made notes about the baby's activities during the 5 hour evening. I would highly recommend her.

Ms D, London, E8

This was our first experience using a babysitter outside of the family. Jacinta put us at ease right away with her soft spoken,polite,yet confident manner. Her qualifications are impeccable. Our son took to her without hesitation and we were delighted to come home to a contented,sleeping baby. She made it much easier for us first time.We would have Jacinta sit for us every time. Thanks so much for sending her to us!

Ms D, London, E14

Annetta was lovely. She immediately connected with my kids, aged 4 and 6, and made them feel at ease. She had pens and colouring books for them so won them over and caught their interest. Annetta was relaxed and easy going, but firm enough to get my kids into bed when they were supposed to. She was on time and kept in touch with me both before and during the booking. I look forward to seeing her again.

Dr D, London, E14

Dear Sitters, I just wanted to say how great Valerie was the othe night. I was in a flap trying to get ready to go out and both children are pretty possessive about story time with me and not usually happy to have other people tale this role over but she is so calm and comfortable around the children that she has won them over. She was also punctual, neat and cheerful and Id recommend her to anyone Sarah.

Miss H, London, E17

We were incredibly happy with Margaret babysitting our 11-month old baby. She called earlier on the day to confirm arrangements. When she arrived, she was very professional, warm and you can tell she certainly has a great understanding of babies and their needs. We would recommend Margaret every time, we felt very reassured to know she was at home looking after our baby, and that is priceless!

Mrs S, London, E1

We used Samantha a few months ago now so I feel awful I haven't reviewed until now. We instantly felt at ease when we met Samantha and new she was the sitter for us. We noticed our 12 month old at the time seemed to be very comfortable in her presence so was not at all worried if he might wake while we were out. We haven't had to use a sitter in a while but we hope to have Samantha back again.

Mr H, London, E14

Beverley came to sit during the day as I had to do some work. I had several ladies coming to do the same thing and she is by far my favourite. She is gentle, professional and understands babies. I was expecting the usual moaning to come from upstairs but nothing. She had set up a little mat with lots of books and toys around, took my son out for a long walk etc... She is my favourite sitter.

Miss B, London, E8

Amber was lovely, called before, arrived promptly and really put my daughter (3 and half) and therefore us, at ease straight away. I was a bit nervous about going out leaving two young children, as it was the last evening of our holiday, and as we were on holiday Amber wasn't a babysitter we had used before, but I was very pleased. Would definitely try to book again when staying in St Ives.

Mrs N, London, E14

Sharon was lovely. As I had a morning booking she called the evening before, which was great as it gave us a chance to discuss things without being rushed. I told her it was my first time leaving the baby (12 weeks) with someone new and she was very reassuring and texted during the day to let me know how they were getting on. I came back to a very happy baby - we'd love to see Sharon again!

Ms M, London, E5

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