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We have 454 babysitters available in Kennington.

Sitters provides qualified and experienced childcarers to look after your children, at your home, when you need to go out, both during the evening and during the day. All Sitters child minders have experience working in professional childcare roles, most are OFSTED Registered Childminders or qualified Nursery Nurses. For your reassurance we meet all the child carers in person at interview and carefully check their references. We also receive continuous feedback from parents telling us about the babysitters they have met through Sitters.

Here’s what other parents have been telling us about Sitters childcarers in and around Kennington.

Michelle came to sit for us on late notice on a Saturday which was very helpful! It was our first time using sitters and we were really pleased. Michelle was good at communicating before she arrived, and she arrived on time. We asked her to stay for and extra hour and a half and she said this was no problem at all. She was very imterested in the children and spent a lot of time upstairs reading and chatting to them before we left, and then read a couple more stories after we left, they liked her and we felt at ease. We will definitely be using sitters again, and hopefully Michelle!

Mrs N, London, SE22

I was a bit nervous about leaving my daughter, aged 21 months, with someone who wasn't family for the first time, but Sabina's immediately inspired confidence. My daughter likes meeting new people, but I was still a bit surprised for her to go to Sabina arms straight away, and within five minutes they were watching Peter Rabbit together. I was going to put my daughter to bed myself before going out, but took up Sabina's suggestion to let her do it, and everything went so smoothly. Sabina also sent a text update to reassure us all was well. I would certainly use her again.

Miss H, London, SE24

This was the first time we have used a babysitter since the birth of our se cond child 5 months ago. Our eldest daughter has also moved to a big girl b ed so doesn't always go to bed as easily as she used to. Ida was fantastic with the kids. Our eldest can be quite shy and Ida managed to build up a go od relationship with her in the short time before she went to bed and this meant we felt happy to leave before she was fully asleep. Our youngest was also happy to be cuddled and put to bed by Ida which reassured us if she ha ppened to wake up while we were out.

Mrs B, London, SE22

What a wonderful person! I had total confidence in Bea, from the moment she said hello and stepped into our home. A warm, incredibly capable, brilliantly experienced lady, my daughter took to Bea immediately when she struggled to settle to get to sleep. Bea was firm, but very, very kind - and knew how to handle my contrary daughter perfectly. Bea is very calm, very friendly and her extensive experience as a teacher means she is totally unfazed by anything that a two and four year old could possibly present her with. An immediate hit with the Arnstein family.

Mrs A, London, SE24

Kinga was lovely - she confirmed the booking nice and early on the day, was very punctual and though I left her with a lot of instructions and tasks ( give baby dinner, clean and a bottle and then settle him to sleep!) - she t ook everything in calmly. Thomas was immediately comfortable with her upbea t but delicate demeanour. Thomas has been having trouble settling because o f teething, but Kinga did a great job distracting him until he finally fell asleep about an hour past bedtime - I am sure there was a lot of crying in volved but Kinga seemed unphased!

Mrs V, London, SE1

Chigozie is a warm and friendly young lady. I immediately felt at ease with her. She did a briiliant job, she played his current favourite games and escorted him to the nearby Children's Playcentre so he could have a runabout. while out she took my son's drawing book and crafts and they made a picture of collected Autumn leaves and glitter, which is lovely. My son said he'd had a lovely day and I was delighted with her gusto and participation. I would be happy to have Chigozie ChildMind my son on another occasion. Many Thanks for introducing her to us.

Ms B, London, SE10

I cannot remember how long Szilvi has been babysitting for our family, but I know it goes way back to when Joel was only 1 years old (now 3). The minute she walked into the house, I was put at ease. She walked in, kicked of her shoes and made our son feel so comfortable. Since then, she has been a preferred sitter for us. She is reliable, has a great energy about her and is able to 'act like a kid' with still being organised and structured about meal and sleep time. Thank you sitters for your reliable service and to Szilvi for being a great sitter!

Mrs G, London, SE3

As a parent, it's always worrying being introduced to a new sitter, but once again we could not have been more happy and relieved to have met Inga. As soon as she arrived she was interacting warmly with my 2 daughters, and immediately engaged with them on what was going to happen whilst my wife and I were out. From playing games, making loom bands, and getting the kids to bed on time; she was excellent. And that's not wholly my impression, but was the verdict delivered by the girls the next day. We would welcome Inga back to our home anytime.

Mr S, London, SE3

We needed a sitter to look after our friends' 20-month old daughter for a few hours, while they were visiting from abroad. We were a bit concerned about leaving the little girl in a strange house with a person she didn't know, even if it was just for a few hours at night. Margaret was brilliant and she instantly put our minds at rest as a sensible pair of hands. She kept in touch with us beforehand and we left knowing that everything would be fine and we could relax. We would definitely recommend her to friends and family in the future.

Mrs D, London, SE4

Katie-Erin is a very gentle person and my son quickly felt at ease with her. She was also fine with my son being up with her after we had gone out and she managed to put him to bed without any problems which normally is a worry for us as he is only used to us putting him to bed. Katie is very flexible and understanding. You can tell she genuinely likes working with children and understands them well. We felt confident leaving our son with her despite him only meeting her a few minutes before. We would definitely book Katie again.

Mrs C, Gilbert Close, SE18

Nanvy was great! You could really tell she loved babies / kids. As soon as she got here, she started to play and interact with Mia and made her feel like she was trustworthy AND fun! After 15 min of Nancy's arrival, it was Mia's dinner time and she already wanted Nancy to feed her! At bed time, she went for a cuddle and a kiss with Nancy, even though Mis usually requires some time to get used to someone and show attention! This all made me feel like Mia was in super good hands and that I didn't have to worry a bit! Thanks Nancy!

Mrs R, London, SE24

At very short notice, Selina minded our girls on the weekend from 1-9pm. She was very professional, contacting us beforehand to introduce herself and providing updates throughout the day. She took my two girls (4 and 2 yrs) to the park, had picnic with them and even watered our garden with them. I came home to two very happy children who are still talking about how much fun they have. My four year old even asked that we make sure Selina comes over to play with them the next time daddy and I go out. Thank you very much, Selina!

Mrs C, London, SE26

Kath babysat for us at the cottage we had rented in the Cotswolds. This was our first time using Sitters for a holiday and, the first time since having our new son who was 10 weeks old. Kath was immediately hands on when she arrived, changing our new baby for bed and soothing him whilst I finished getting ready. I put him to bed along with our 16 month old son and he settled very quickly. Kath filled me with confidence so that I could relax on my evening out. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again if we were holidaying in the same area.

Mrs K, London, SE10

We enjoyed meeting Sylvia last night and although our baby was already asleep when she arrived and didn't wake during the night, we both would feel confident in inviting Sylvia to sit for us again. Sylvia kindly arrived a little early since it was our first meeting and listened attentively to how to settle Sophie and I felt she would have followed our wishes to the letter should the need have arisen. We received two reassuring texts during the evening which helped us to relax and enjoy our night out. Thanks very much again.

Ms P, London, SE1

We started using Sitters when our son was 9 months old and Maxina was the first sitter we had. She arrived a few minutes early and quickly settled herself with our son for his bedtime story and milk. He was very comfortable with her and put us immediately at ease. We have used Maxina many times now - she feels like part of the extended family! We have been very comfortable having her continue to sit following the birth of our second son (once we felt that he settled well in the evenings when he was around 3 months old).

Mrs K, London, SE10

Our boys cheered when we told them that Maureen was babysitting for us. Even though it was over a year since we had seen her she recalled things that she had talked to the boys about last time. Maureen is clearly at ease with young children, showing our boys card tricks that they couldn't wait to try out on us in the morning!! Having a babysitter like Maureen is what we hoped we would find from sitters, someone friendly, engaging and fun and whom we have no hesitation whatsoever leaving our precious children with. Thank You.

Mrs B, London, SE2

Eunice is lovely. When i met her the first time i felt completely comfortab le leaving my boys in her care. She was warm and smiley to the children, pu nctual and reassuring to us parents. I have two boys who aren't the best sl eepers which always made me nervous about leaving them alone, especially wi th someone who they dont know but Eunice seemed very calm and unworried by this. Sitters is a great service offering parents the chance to enjoy a few hours off duty (especially if you have no family to back you up).

Miss G, London, SE27

My 21-month-old son loved Catherine. She's looked after him twice so far. The first time I was working from home and I could hear him playing happily. He was in a great mood when she left. The next time she came he greeted her with delight and dragged her over to his toys. That was the first time I've left him for someone outside the family to put to bed, but it all seemed to go fine and he woke up as happy as anything. Catherine has a lovely chatty way with children and I felt comfortable leaving my son with her.

Ms M, London, SE6

Serena was the first sitter we used for our 2 boys, previously having only used friends or relatives. She arrived on time and immediately made me feel confident that they were in good hands. She was so friendly and engaging with the boys and I think they stayed awake quite late hoping that she would come and play! Serena communicated well with a text and call prior to arriving and a text during the evening to let us know that they were (finally!) asleep. We would definitely use the service again- thank you!

Mrs S, London, SE24

Patience babysat for the first time for us this week. She was fantastic! She seems to genuinely love children and really enjoys working with them. She made a real effort and brought along age appropriate books and games for my 6 & 10 y.o's. She spent a lot of time getting to know and engaging with them after we left which we really appreciated. To top it off, she even tidied the loose ends left in the kitchen after rushing out for the evening. Having her babysit was an all round fantastic experience.

Mrs S, London, SE10

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