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We have 964 babysitters available in Ealing.

Sitters provides qualified and experienced childcarers to look after your children, at your home, when you need to go out, both during the evening and during the day. All Sitters child minders have experience working in professional childcare roles, most are OFSTED Registered Childminders or qualified Nursery Nurses. For your reassurance we meet all the child carers in person at interview and carefully check their references. We also receive continuous feedback from parents telling us about the babysitters they have met through Sitters.

Here’s what other parents have been telling us about Sitters childcarers in and around Ealing.

My impression of Linda is that she is a mature and reliable lady, with a calm and friendly approach to the service she provides. Because she is a mother herself she can also empathise with the customer's situation and anticipates the needs we have. She was the first babysitter from Sitters we met and I fell for her empathetic approach to reassuring me - a first time mother with a 3 month old baby I was leaving for the first time of his life with someone I had not previously met. She also handled the challenge of dealing with two babies under the age of 6 months in a very good way.

Mrs O, London, W4

Wow! What a fantastic sitter and lovely person Lana was. This morning my little girl was asking for her and my normally 'reserved' 11 year old who hides in his room playing computer games and reading was so praise-worthy of her, saying how very kind she was. She was immediately warm and engaging with all of us, honed in on the kids, making a real effort to help them become comfortable with her, asking them questions, and being so friendly, funny, and approachable. I was able to slip out the door quickly and guilt-free. And I knew the kids felt great in her company.

Mrs S, London, W4

Lejla was fantastic with our 1 & 3.5yr olds. It was the first time we'd met her and also the first time we've left a babsitter to put the children to bed so we were a little nervous that they'd play up. As soon as we met her though we felt comfortable as she bonded well with the children and asked us lots of questions to make sure she had all the info she needed about their bedtime routines likes/dislikes etc. Our daughter was upset her new friend Lejla wasn't there in the morning too, which is the best recommendation we needed for asking her back again next time!

Mrs W, London, W3

I wasn't home but my wife tells me that Gabriela was fantastic with the children. She put my wife at ease and seemed to know what was generally expected. My kids were initially a bit shy as they are used to their previous baby-sitter (who was also their carer in their day-care) but they seemed to be more comfortable by the time Gabriela left I did meet Gabriela just before she left for the evening. She has suggested that we use a couple of more baby-sitters just to have choices. She came across as extremely personable and friendly and a thorough professional.

Mr I, London, W5

Carla is amazing! She has sat for us twice now and is on our preferred list. Carla made us feel relaxed and confident instantly and she was absolutely fantastic with both our two year old and five month old. She patiently fed the baby, burped him and put him to bed both times whilst we hurriedly got ourselves ready. She also texts the day she's due to arrive to say hello which is very assuring as you're not left wondering whether or not she's coming. Both our children took to her instantly and we had no reservations about leaving them in her capable hands. Mrs B, W6.

Mrs B, London, W6

Anilsa was our first babysitter through Sitters, and she was absolutely wonderful. Very calm, quiet and confident with our four month old daughter (who already is having stranger anxiety). She was patient, gentle and very good at settling Elodie. I really appreciated that she balanced the general routine that Elodie has with what she needed on the day (in this case, a little longer nap than usual). Clearly she is very experienced with her own children and her childminding business. Overall, i would be delighted to have Anilsa care for Elodie again soon!!

Mrs F, London, W10

We really loved Katarzyna, she was very polite and friendly, gently with our 1,5 years old son, she also kept him occupied straight away, so we did have time to dress up and when we were leaving he didn't cry at all, just because he even didn't notice our absence, he was full of joy playing with this sitter. When we came back she described us everything that was happening in details and she did all things which i asked her to do: like feeding and so on. We were very happy to meet her and i didn't worry when our son was spending his evening with this nice girl.

Mrs W, London, W4

Jacqui babysat our 4 month old son for 6 hrs when we were off to the Apollo for an evening. This was the first time we've had a babysitter for our son other than a friend or relative. She was very professional and showed me her ID when she arrived. She arrived 10 min early to go through everything. I felt very confident when I left, knowing that it would work out well. Jacqui also texted half way through to ensure us that everything was absolutely fine. I would recommend Jacqui to others and I would be happy to use her myself next time too.

Miss J, London, W6

Deborah was just great. She was happy to travel a fair distance (nearly an hour) twice in three days, arrived punctually and was lovely with my one year old. She gave him the space to size her up but then was just really helpful and considerate. She gave him his milk and got him off to sleep in a really relaxed and calm way. She also texted me that all was OK in the middle of both evenings. Then, at the end, she was great to talk to walking back to her car! I'll certainly be asking for her again when we're next down in St Ives.

Ms C, London, W4

We are quite new to using sitters and Amanda was only the second sitter we've met though she instantly made me feel comfortable that our 2yr old was in safe hands. As a teachers assistant and with previous experience in nurseries she bonded immediately with our daughter, though also asked me loads of questions to ensure she knew where our boundaries lay in terms of bedtime routine if she decided to play up! Amanda seemed a lovely friendly & chatty person and will definitely be asking for her back next time. Thank you!

Mrs W, London, W3

Mira was lovely. On meeting her, the children took to her straight away and she impressed my 11 year old by watching a late world cup match with him. He couldn't stop saying how nice she was. Mira also read about six bedtime stories to my 4 year old! which I find was very accommodating to his needs as he had just met her. It was a comfort knowing her priority was making sure the kids were at ease with her. We were able to enjoy our evening and would love to have Mira babysit for us again. Thank you Sitters.

Mrs J, W Tp, W6

Afsaneh was great. She clearly has lots of experience with children as she was a natural at handling my 18 month old toddler. I had never left my child with a babysitter before, so stayed for the first couple of hours so they could get to know each other and was surprised that my toddler didn't cry at all when left alone with her. She asked all the right questions and knew lots of songs and games to play that kept the little one amused. She seemed very trustworthy and I would definitely use her again.

Mrs W, London, W4

I was very nervous leaving our baby for the first time with someone who I'd never met but as soon as Kalu arrived I felt very at ease. She was a wonde rfully warm and friendly person, prompt and really calmed me down and made me feel happy and confident to go out leaving her in charge. She kept us up dated throughout the evening, which made me feel reassured, and I would def initely book Kalu again to care for our baby. Thank you sitters.co.uk but m ost importantly THANK YOU KALU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs F, London, W1H

Kalu has been our regular babysitter for the past 9 months or so. We have a three year old and a one year old. She is always arrives on time and she makes a special effort to learn more about the children. She has had to deal with both of them waking whilst we are out and has managed to settle them without much trouble. She always keeps me informed when they woke and what she has done to settle them which is very reassuring. Kalu is a kind, warm hearted person and I would certainly recommend her.

Mrs V, London, W2

Heidi is one of two regular sitters we now use. She's always friendly and o n time. Our son really enjoys playing with her and we routinely book her fo r an hour before bedtime so they can spend a little time together before he goes to sleep. She's really excellent, genuinely loves babies, and is plea sant to be around. I will be getting ready to leave and hear him laughing w ith her in another part of the house. He's just over a year, but she's been watching him for since before he was crawling.

Mrs P, London, W14

Katarina was our first baby sitter for our barely 3 month old daughter. She texted earlier in the day with confirmation of the evening's appointment and then showed up 5 minutes before the agreed time. We were running late but Katarina immediately got hands on and helped changing and feeding our baby so that we could finish getting prepared to go out. She was friendly and courteous and we felt immediately at ease with leaving her in charge, so much so that we booked her for the next evening too!

Mr M, Wg Hw London, W1G

I booked Emilija for emergency daycare for my 3 year old and 11 month old when my regular nanny called in sick. I was initially a bit nervous because we had not met her before, but she arrived promptly both days, and seemed very competent. She looked after both my children very well and they seemed perfectly comfortable with her. She updated me through the day as requested and gave me a good update in the evenings. I would have no hesitation in booking Emilija again or recommending to others.

Mrs L, London, W11

Pavla took care of my daughter for one day whilst regular nanny was on annual leave. My daughter felt comfortable with her straight away and they had a great day together. In the evening my daughter recounted all the things that she and Pavla had done together. I would definately use Pavla again for this purpos, she was great. When i came home she gave me a full report on everything that my daughter had done which was very helpful and reassuring. She was kind and just a natrual with children.

Mrs B, London, W4

Helen nannied our two year old daughter for the day in September 2014. Her attitude was fantastic and she was tremendous to work with. She took the job on short notice, which was a real help. Nothing was too difficult and she followed instructions and was extremely considerate of our and our daughter's needs and preferences. Best of all, our daughter took to her and, in returning home, we found our daughter to be one very pleased and happy little girl, who had had an unequivocally good day.

Mr W, London, W11

Simi is our angel! Simi has sat for us on many occasions and has developed a close relationship with our special little boy. Simi is punctual, nurturing, capable, and has a wonderful heart. We know our boy is happy and very well taken care of when we leave him with Simi. She is so observant and imaginative and it is clear that Simi really loves children. Simi is able to relate to children on a very special level. We feel very blessed to have met her and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Mrs E, London, W1H

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