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We have 964 babysitters available in Ealing.

Sitters provides qualified and experienced childcarers to look after your children, at your home, when you need to go out, both during the evening and during the day. All Sitters child minders have experience working in professional childcare roles, most are OFSTED Registered Childminders or qualified Nursery Nurses. For your reassurance we meet all the child carers in person at interview and carefully check their references. We also receive continuous feedback from parents telling us about the babysitters they have met through Sitters.

Here’s what other parents have been telling us about Sitters childcarers in and around Ealing.

Our absolute favourite, punctual, consistant, clean and extremely caring. We are delighted to have her mind our precious bundles. Thank you sitters!

Mrs C, London , W 3

Very nice to have Szilvia here to look after my daughter - she was very pleasant and competent, and interacted nicely with my daughter. Thank you!

Prof F, London , W 3

We hadn't met Peace before, but she was very calm and confident and I had no concerns about leaving my daughter with her. She put my daughter to bed and read to her, and my daughter told me the next day that Peace was very nice and good at reading stories. Very happy, thankyou!

Prof F, London , W 3

Excellent, she arrives on time, is kind and friendly to my daughter, and we feel very confident leaving her looking after our child and our house.

Prof F, London , W 3

Really impressed with Agnes - she is clearly very experienced with children of my daughter's age, and I felt very happy and confident going out leaving my daughter with Agnes to look after her. Thank you!

Prof F, London , W 3

She was lovely, and our son seemed to really enjoy playing with her. Also, though she didn't need to, it was very kind of her to tidy up the kitchen and play area.

Mrs D, London , W 3

Catherine is a wonderful warm person and the children took to her immediately - I felt immense relief leaving her in charge and would request her again.

Ms O, London , W 3

Syika was great and an instant hit with our son. She managed to settle our son when he woke in the night which is not always easy. We would definitely use her again.

Mrs H, London , W 3

Lucy was amazing. Our 5yr old daughter really liked her straight away and s tarted playing with her while we got ready. Then eve asked Lucy to read her a story and put her to bed. Amazing raport with our daughter and was such a nice lady.

Mr B, London , W 3

Brilliant babysitter. She immediately gave us confidence that everything would be fine, and we should not worry about Eve. She was right ! Anna has a lovely personality and immediately she felt like a friend.

Mr B, London , W 3

Once again - Thank you Sitters ! Marian has turned out to be an excellent babysitter for our second home in West Sussex. Immediately she is like a family friend, chatty, and friendly,yet still professional.

Mr B, London , W 3

Maria was very kind, positive and attentive to the boys' needs. They had fun and all my instructions were followed. We'd definitely choose Maria again.

Ms M, London , W 3

Agata was a great babysitter. She kept my three boys busy with a mixture of activities and when I came home they were clean again, tired and ready for bed. We would all like her to babysit again.

Ms M, London , W 3

Roxana looke after our three sons with great care and affection. They liked her and had a busy, happy day. We would definitely request her again.

Ms M, London , W 3

Loredana was a very caring babysitter who played with our boys, made things with them and kept them active. I would definitely recommend her.

Ms M, London , W 3

I found Linda to be warm and friendly. She hasn't yet met my son but I am confident that he will take her easily. I would love for her to sit for me again.

Mrs T, London , W 3

Arrived half an hour early, was really friendly and confident, would 100% use again and really impressed with the sitters service.

Mrs W, London , W 3

I thought Louise was brilliant and would like her to be my first choice of sitters, when she is available. She was very pleasant and calm. My boys really liked her. Thank you.

Mrs O, London , W 3

Krisztina was great. the boys loved her. She worked at the nursery my sons went to so she already knew my youngest. I would love for her to be one of my top three choices.

Mrs O, London , W 3

Victoria came to look after our boys at a hotel and she was great. Our 4yr old settled with her really well and she played with him, read stories and put him to bed with absolutely no issues.

Mrs M, London , W 3

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