Top 20 Baby Names in 2018

The annual roundup of the most popular baby names is always useful for parents-to-be seeking inspiration, so we’re giving you a glimpse of favourite names in 2018. Parenting site Babycentre also unveils some exciting new trends.

Olivia has kept hold of the number one spot for girls, followed by Sophia and Amelia. Maya, Harper and Layla have all raced into the top 20 while Aria was the only new entry in the top ten.

Muhammad remains at the top of the boys’ chart, with Oliver and Noah runners up. Freddie and Alfie were both new entries into the top 10 while Arthur, Henry, Archie and Theo made it into the top 20.

However, it’s outside the top 20 that the biggest new trends can be spotted.
Names with a thoroughly modern twist

Jackson, Jacson, Jakson, Jaxson, Jaxen or Jaxon? Registrations list no less than six different spellings of this favourite. Aaron has no less than 13 different spellings registered and Aria has 12.

Liyam, Roze and Maizie are just some of the more adventurous spellings of traditional names that are creeping onto birth certificates with the addition of x, y and z becoming increasingly common.


Media influences

Allegations against Harvey Weinstein and his subsequent arrest in May made headlines in the UK and across the globe. Could this be why we’ve seen the name Harvey plummet in popularity with parents? It’s fallen by over 30% in the boys’ top 100.

Royal fever

Classic regal names are always in style but the birth of a new prince and a royal wedding in the same year has sent the nation’s parents into a royal baby naming frenzy!

Victoria, Zara and Charlotte were all high climbers. But it was Princess that stole the crown for the biggest royal riser, breaking into the top 100 this year.

Charlie and George gained popularity in the boys’ registrations but it was historic royal boys’ names that parents favoured most, including top 20 new entries Arthur and Henry.

Interestingly Meghan (or Megan) and Louis have seen little increase in popularity at this point, but experts predict they could be higher in the charts by the end of the year. 

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