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Top Tips for When Your Kids Start Primary School


Dropping your kids off for their first day of primary school can be daunting, but don’t panic. We’ve created a list of top tips to help make the day easier. 

Should You Let Your Babysitter Bring Her Boyfriend Over?


It’s an age old conundrum: knowing your kids are likely going to be asleep for most of the babysitter’s time should you let her have her boyfriend over? In Sitters opinion, the definitive answer is 'No' ... and here’s why.

Ways to Help Your Child Transition from Primary to Secondary School


Moving from primary to secondary school sees big fish in small ponds suddenly becoming the tiny ones again. Here's how to help them make the move.

22 Great Places to Take Kids This Summer to Keep Them Entertained


We have found 22 great place to take kids this Summer across the UK for a day out. Wherever you are located you should find somewhere not too far to visit.

What Are the Best Options for Parents Looking for Babysitters?


Parents sometimes need a helping hand, especially finding babysitters, discover what the best options are for parents looking for babysitters 

Can I trust my Babysitter?


Choosing a babysitter is a daunting task for any parent. Discover how to find a trust worthy babysitter here. 

Sitters Survey Reveals the Truth about a Child’s Smart Life


Sitters take an impartial look at how UK parents think the technology, especially tablets and smartphones, is affecting our children’s life. 

What Should You Expect From Your Babysitter


Babysitting can sometimes seem like a poorly-defined role. Everyone has their own ideas of what they should and shouldn’t do. See if you agree with ours.