Who are the childcarers?

Sitters babysitters are recruited from childcare and other caring professions - all have years of professional childcare experience.

Most have worked as OFSTED Registered Childminders, qualified Nannies or Nursery Nurses. On our childcare register there are also a number of primary school teachers, paediatric nurses, child welfare officers and others from childcare related professions.

When selecting suitable babysitters we employ a three stage process of information gathering, face-to-face interview and thorough reference checking.  We look for knowledgable childcarers who can demonstrate a long-term commitment to childcare and babysitting.

Many of our childcarers have childcare careers spanning decades - perhaps training and working as a Nanny before taking time out to bring up their family. Then, once their own children are old enough, returning to work as a primary school teacher or Registered Childminder.

The following figures may help give you an idea of the profile of the childcarers Sitters provides:

  • the average Sitters babysitter is 38 years old

  • the majority have families of their own

  • around 3 out of 4 have experience working as a Registered Childminder

  • more than half have experience working as a full time Nanny or Nursery Nurse

  • over half have some formal childcare related qualification

  • all have been personally interviewed and all are childcarers we trust

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