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We have 323 babysitters available in Church End.

Sitters provides qualified and experienced childcarers to look after your children, at your home, when you need to go out, both during the evening and during the day. All Sitters child minders have experience working in professional childcare roles, most are OFSTED Registered Childminders or qualified Nursery Nurses. For your reassurance we meet all the child carers in person at interview and carefully check their references. We also receive continuous feedback from parents telling us about the babysitters they have met through Sitters.

Here’s what other parents have been telling us about Sitters childcarers in and around Church End.

Nataliya is a lively and caring person. She arrived on time, was polite and keen to meet my little one. Nataliya made me feel comfortable straight from the start, as she approached my son as a mother rather than just a babysitter which put my mind at ease. I immediately felt my son was in safe hands. Also, living in the same neighbourhood meant that she knew the parks and play areas we normally visit without me having to explain or write the notes about. My son was happy with her before I left and happy upon my return. I am looking forward to seeing Nataliya again.

Mrs W, London, NW2

This has been my first time of ever using a professional babysitting service. My daughter, who is eight, has always hated being left even with friends so it has rarely ever happened, and I was naturally a bit hesitant but needed childcare at very short notice. Amanda was absolutely super with her from the outset and I was able to go off completely relaxed and happy. The next morning my daughter said she'd really enjoyed herself and would love to have Amanda again. So would I! Thank you Amanda and thank you Sitters for arranging the service so quickly for me.

Ms H, London, NW6

My children were thrilled to meet Sally as was I. She arrived on-time and came to us on a late booking notice. As a mum of four children I have been reluctant to use an on-line baby sitting service and now I am wondering why I was so worried. Sally called me before hand to discuss some things as I was going to have to leave quite quickly after her arrive. She engaged with the children, supervised music practise, read to my son, and the girls in particular have asked for her to return. We would recommend Sally highly. Thank you Sitters for the connection.

Mrs S, London, NW8

Amanda text me to let me know she would be with me at the arranged time, she arrived on time. We sat and had a chat and I felt very comfortable with leaving my 6month old baby with her as she was very friendly, assured me that everything would be fine, she loves babies has grown up children herself and works with children. Our baby slept through the evening but I'm sure if he had woken up Amanda would have known what to do! I will definitely ask for Amanda again when we next need a baby sitter. Thank you! Tanya, Leon & baby Aaron.

Mrs S, London, NW10

Selina was prompt, friendly and put me at my ease. This was the first time I had left my first child, a 3 month old girl with a stranger. Selina listened to my instructions but also asked me questions about how I liked certain things done. My daughter should have been asleep but was crying and Selina could see I was not making much progress so she instantly offered to take her off my hands with great success. Selina sent a text during dinner to say everything was going well which was thoughtful. I will happily book Selina again.

Miss H, London, NW1

Maida's great - full of energy, polite, well prosented and clearly a natural with children. I booked Maida an hour early so my 2 year old would feel fully comfortable when I left - an hour probably wasn't necessary because they were on the floor playing with the building blocks together in no time but the 1 hour meant I felt 100% so worth it for both our sakes. Maida's particular strength is engaging with the children sinces she knows exactly what makes them tick, it didn't take my son long to leave me arms and play with Maida!

Mrs R, London, NW3

I was a very short notice booking on a school night due to changed circumstances and it was a great relief to find a sitter, even if someone new to us. I appreciated Amanda's phone call to say she's on her way. She also asked if I would have objections to her bringing and eating her dinner at our house. I thought it was very considerate. She's a mum to a daughter similar in age to ours and that helped for an easy connection from the start. I was grateful for Amanda's help and comfortable leaving my daughter in her care.

Mrs F, London, NW3

Both my almost six year old daughter and I liked Sharon and would like to see her visit again. She was sensitive to the fact that it will take my daughter a while to warm to someone new in our home. I appreciated the text half way through my work morning to say Sharon and my daughter are enjoying a relaxing time and were doing craft activities together. There was calm and smiles when I returned and I appreciated Sharon's mature and experienced way with children. It brings tremendous peace of mind, thank you!

Mrs F, London, NW3

We were a bit nervous about using a sitter for the first time for our 7 mon th old, having used only family and friends for babysitting before. But Des iree made us feel relaxed and comfortable straight away. She was calm, prof essional and reassuring - and also very friendly. She sent us a text messag e for reassurance during the evening, which meant we could really enjoy our meal. Please do add Desiree as our preferred sitter; we would definitely l ike to have her sit for us again in the future.

Ms W, London, NW6

We have had about 5 different babysitters from Sitters and my children are very honest with who they felt comfortable with and how it went. They've had a favourite for years, but Navi is apparently the only one who is now on a par with her. This is a tall order as my son is very sensitive, and the fact Navi made him feel so comfortable is amazing. I liked her immediately she came into the house and would not hesitate in requesting her to come back again. She even loved our rather energetic dog!

Mrs S, London, NW7

Amanda was very nice and reliable and we would definitely use her again. She called the morning of the booking which really set me at ease. She was on time and knew the NW London area very well. She was really proactive in asking all the right questions about my 8 month old boy (who slept through her whole visit!) so I had no doubt about leaving her in charge. She clearly knew exactly how to look after a baby. She replied promptly to all my texts throughout the evening. Would def recommend.

Mrs S, London, NW3

Our son has decided he'd like a man sitter so I'll introduce Adriana as Adrian or Maxine as Max. Otherwise, all the Sitters on my preferences list are suitable and I have no complaints about any of them. Julia has been wonderful as has Mia and Stella is fantastic. Also the service we get from Sitters is second to none and I've just recommended you to one of my friends. One thought though, can the sitters be reminded to make the courtesy call before arrival. It is most helpful when then do. Thanks!

Ms V, London, NW5

I was so pleased to have Manjola babysit for my daughter (and that she is booked to come back). She is highly experienced and did well to soothe my daughter when she was upset that I was leaving. She kept in touch throughout the evening and prior to her arrival. I had arranged to stick around for the first part of her booking, while she met my daughter for the first time. I was impressed how she immediately got involved with my daughter and encouraged her to learn and play. Excellent.

Ms W, London, NW3

Only to say, Marcela babysat for me in NW6 again last night while I went out to a class and she is PERFECT! My boys were about to have a mini-meltdown when she arrived (both facedown on the carpet on opposite sides of the living room wailing, it was quite funny actually!) and she diffused the situation, took control, calmed them down and somehow got them off to sleep earlier than I would have! I've never had a better babysitter. Thank you for the great service. Antonia Azoitei NW6.

Mrs A, London, NW11

This was our first time using the sitters service and Mayela was sent over. I was so pleased by her professionalism such as texting when on way and arriving on time. Most importantly she was absolutely wonderful with the children! She right away got to know them and joined in on playing. I felt I was definitely leaving my children in great hands. The next morning my children expressed they had a wonderful time and she can come over anytime... I highly recommend Mayela :) Mrs. C.

Mrs C, London, NW8

Hello, I just wanted to leave some feedback on our babysitter Jules who was with us the weekend of 12.10 at a weddinIg at Camber Sands. She is a very nice person and we couldn't have asked for a better babysitter! I felt instantly at ease with Jules and our daughter took to her straight away. Jules was really hands on, and anticipated our needs. I didn't have to ask her to do anything, she already knew what to do. I was able to enjoy the wedding thanks to her. Paul and Sarah Pacifico.

Mrs P, London, NW7

Kalu has babysat for our two sons, 10 & 8 years old on several occasions and each time she has been delightful with the boys. She always takes an interest in them, she is engaged and great fun and they thoroughly enjoy her taking care of them. She is always prompt and efficient and extremely kind but at the same time she knows the right balance and gets the boys to bed and asleep at a sensible time. I would very happily recommend Kalu to anyone with young energetic children.

Mr W, London, NW8

I was very impressed by Sonia. She is a very nice and professional person. She knew how to look after my children and how to keep them entertained. She proposed them a range of activities to do and the kids really had fun with her. She arrived early, was very accommodating and the children (18 months and 12 years old ) bonded with her immediately . I would have her again at my house any time even my 12 year old asked me if she could come back again. . I highly recommend her.

Ms C, London, NW9

We used sitters for the first time last week so of course we were a little apprehensive but when Carme arrived she made us feel at ease immediately and was very natural with our two young children (daughter aged 9 months and son aged 26 months). When we left they were happily playing and interacting with her. We felt comfortable that she would easily settle them to sleep and we could relax and enjoy our evening. A great first experience. We will definitely book again.

Mrs B, London, NW6

Amanda was fantastic when looking after our three-month old son on a couple of occasions. We were quite nervous since this was the first time we left him with someone other than family. Amanda had a calm and loving presence, got some smiles from him and was professional at the same time. We could trust her to call us and keep us informed as to how he was doing while we were out. We would definitely want Amanda to look after our son again and can highly recommend her.

Mrs A, London, NW6

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